NASA Is Also In Use! Osram Launches A New Plant Lighting System

- Mar 07, 2019-

Recently, Osram introduced the latest plant lighting system Phytofy RL based on LED. This lighting system is specially developed to meet the growing needs of researchers in the fields of university, private sector and greenhouse and vertical farm plant production. Researchers and modern farm workers can use Phytofy RL in laboratories or climate chambers to develop new plant lighting and growth formulas to achieve desired results in terms of quality, yield and flavor.

Using Phytofy RL, researchers can control each of the six spectral channels independently and plan and manage their intensity accurately in real time.

Phytofy RL plant lighting system can selectively interfere with the metabolic process of agricultural and ornamental crops by using different wavelengths and intensities of light, and control the yield, color, taste and other characteristics. Recent studies have shown that plant metabolic processes are not only affected by photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) in the 400-700 nanometer range, but also by shorter and longer wavelengths. Using Phytofy RL, researchers can process six spectral channels from natural far red light to ultraviolet light, and accurately plan and control photosynthetic effective light quantum flux (PPFD) in real time, including 385 nm, 450 nm, 521 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm and a warm white light channel (2,700 K). At the same time, a large number of LED lamps in the system also achieve higher photosynthetic luminous flux (PPF).

Using Phytofy RL, researchers were able to evaluate a variety of light formulations without changing lamps between different tests.

One of the characteristics of Phytofy RL plant lighting system is its highly uniform light distribution. The calibrated system can provide accurate illumination distribution map, which is calculated by software without measuring the luminous flux. In addition, Phytofy RL can be used to evaluate various light formulations without changing lamps between different tests. Users can program different wavelength combinations in different optical profiles and the whole optical cycle. After registration, users can also get five special optical formulations developed by Osram.

The system software is developed by Osram and plant biologists. Its intuitive graphical user interface is very convenient to use. In addition, the software can also be integrated into the climate chamber system, so that climate chamber manufacturers can also benefit from it. Phytofy RL is 667 x 299 x 44 mM in size and less than 9 kg in weight. It is flat and stable in design. It is specially optimized for vertical farms, rack systems and growth chambers.

Phytofy RL has been adopted by NASA and Michigan State University. Meanwhile, Osram is using the software to study growth, anthocyanin and taste in a climate chamber at the University of Munich.