National Star Photoelectric Xie Zhiguo Light Health Trend, LED Lighting Will Enter The Era Of Healthy Lighting

- Dec 26, 2018-

"LED light source has the characteristics of compact, easy to control and adjustable, which provides infinite opportunities for healthy light quality lighting." The concept of light health meets the needs of public consumption upgrading and higher life experience, and LED lighting will gradually enter the era of healthy lighting. On December 20, Dr. Xie Zhiguo, Deputy General Manager of National Star Optoelectronic White Light Devices Division, delivered a speech on the theme of "Trends in Healthy Lighting Technology and LED Device Solutions" at the 2009 Jibang Advisory LED Market Prospective Analysis Conference jointly organized by Jibang Consulting's LED inside and China LED Network.——LED Eye protection

Lighting is closely related to health. National Star launched Eyelove Health Lighting Device in line with the trend.

In his speech, Dr. Xie Zhiguo first introduced the relationship between lighting and health. Light affects human health in varying degrees through visual and non-visual effects.——LED Eye protection

Visual function, involving the health level, has been publicly reported impact, the first is retinal damage, myopia, the second is visual fatigue. Retinal damage may include macular lesions and cataracts.——LED Eye protection

In non-visual function, light enters the non-visual system through the human eye, located under the human retina, through the production of a photobiological signal, through transmission, and finally reaches the pineal gland of the brain. The pineal gland produces a melatonin, and melatonin enters the blood flowing through the human body. The secretion of melatonin is related to the circadian rhythm of human life, affecting human physiological rhythm.——LED Eye protection

Based on the mechanism of light and human health, visual fatigue, macular lesions and non-visual effects, National Star optoelectronics conforms to the trend and launched Eyelove health lighting LED, which is dedicated to avoiding the blue light damage caused by ordinary light sources in essence, reducing visual fatigue, improving visual comfort and protecting eyes.——LED Eye protection

Eyelove Healthy Lighting LED Series: Natural Light DL Series and Healthy Light EC Series

According to reports, Eyelove Health Lighting LED has passed the non-hazardous RG0 photobio-safety certification. It has DL series of natural light and EC series of healthy light.

Eyelove Natural Light DL Series is a full spectrum series of LED. It uses the technology of healthy light formula. The spectrum covers 400-780 nm band. It is closer to the solar spectrum and is beneficial to regulating the circadian rhythm of human beings. Its typical color rendering index Ra (> 97), color fidelity index Rf (> 96), color saturation Rg 100, and purple band is lower than solar light source, which greatly reduces the damage of purple and low band blue light to the retina, and has higher visual comfort with lamp design.——LED Eye protection

Eyelove Healthy Light EC Series is a series of LED for short-wave blue light removal. It uses special spectral allocation technology, reduces the short-wave blue light (415-460 nm) part of eye damage, forms a healthier spectrum, has higher visual comfort, and is more conducive to eye health. Its color rendering index Ra > 85, light efficiency > 150 lm/W, high reliability, long life and other advantages.——LED Eye protection

Eyelove has been widely praised for providing a reasonable light source according to the application scenario.

Dr. Xie said that healthy lighting LED is mainly used in scenes requiring artificial lighting for a long time and paying attention to eye care and health. According to the living environment, Eyelove can provide reasonable solutions to the seven scenarios of work, leisure, education, catering, sports, bathing and sleep. It has been widely promoted and applied in ShangChao, schools and other fields, and has gained wide acclaim.——LED Eye protection

In October this year, the lamps using Eyelove health lighting LED won the first batch of "health lighting products" in China.——LED Eye protection

Finally, Dr. Xie said that LED light source has the characteristics of compact, easy to control and adjustable, which provides unlimited opportunities for healthy lighting quality. At present, the LED industry is trying to develop in the direction of light health, and its development space is huge. The concept of light health is in line with the needs of mass consumption upgrading and higher life experience. The LED lighting industry will enter the era of "light health".——LED Eye protection

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