New Breakthroughs In LED Technology Can Increase Sharpness By 400%

- Apr 14, 2018-

    Now, an engineer at Princeton University has discovered a cheap way to make LED. Although this technology is low in cost, it can make the panel brighter, more efficient, longer-lived, and even increase its sharpness by 5 times.

    In 2012, Professor Stephen Chou of Princeton University was renowned for his breakthrough in nanotechnology and his achievements in improving the energy efficiency of solar cells by 175%. Now, he has put the same principle into LED technology. "From a physical point of view, a good light absorber, such as our solar cell, should also be a good emitter," Chou wrote in the article, "We want to prove in experiments that this is true in the visible range. And then use it to solve the important challenges of LED and display."


    Since the invention of the LED, scientists have been fighting this so-called important challenge. Although LED energy efficiency is extremely high, but it really emits only 2% -4% of the total generated light, and the rest is trapped in the LED shell, just as light is trapped in the pool of water.

    Chou's nanotechnology has changed this. This technology uses nanostructures that can direct and focus light toward the viewer. It is basically a 15 nm thick mesh structure, and the light emitting surface at the bottom emits brighter light through it. Since the light and heat that are trapped are reduced, the lifetime of the LED is also prolonged.

    This is a very inexpensive way for the production of organic and inorganic LEDs. Chou and Princeton are currently waiting for their patent applications to pass. After that, it may not be long before we see this technology being used on smart phones.