New Discovery: Vertical Integrated GaN LED Helps Develop Micro LED Display

- Mar 14, 2019-

Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology have designed a new vertical integrated GaN LED structure, which can help improve the efficiency of micro LED display.

Matthew Hartensveld and Jing Zhang of the Rochester Institute of Technology published a study in the Journal IEEE Electron Device Letter describing how they integrated nanowire GaN field-effect transistors (FETs) with GaN LEDs. In this innovative new structure, transistors are placed under LEDs for control and dimming.

It is reported that researchers have created a compact structure by combining transistors and LEDs, and the manufacturing process is simple. In order to improve the development of micro LED display, this new design structure is a cost-effective choice.

Research shows that in the new structure, more LEDs can be placed in one area, so the pixel density and resolution are higher. Because the size of the pixel becomes smaller and the density of the pixel becomes larger, it is very helpful for the development of micro LED display.

However, the limitation of current vertical design is that it needs a negative voltage to turn off the LED. Researchers are trying to improve this.