New Trend Of Smart Home Panel: Equation Conjoined, Multi Scene Application

- Oct 06, 2018-

With the popularity of smart mobile terminals such as mobile phone tablets, smart panels are also constantly upgraded and use scenarios optimized. On the basis of retaining remote control switches, the smart panels have developed a variety of modes, such as energy monitoring, cloud service push, background music and so on. The smart panels have developed from a single control to focus on multi-scene synthesis. Linkage stage.——LED intelligent lighting

Nowadays, no matter the family, office, hotel apartment user groups, there is a demand for high-end flexible and aesthetic living, smart panels as an important control device in the use of the environment, in terms of appearance and function are facing higher challenges. This time we introduce a heavy new product from chopper: Chopin smart panel series.——LED intelligent lighting


Different from the panel products on the market, Chopin series is a free combination of functional panels, using a custom integrated frame, widening the use of the scene, to adapt to villas, offices, hotels and other diverse needs.——LED intelligent lighting

In appearance, Chopin smart panel design is exquisite and concise, and the first application of mobile phone full screen technology, C-Touch multi-touch technology to achieve 0.01 seconds extreme response, scene switching, lighting control, equipment viewing, a larger interface, whether old or young people can easily manipulate, realizable functions beyond imagination.——LED intelligent lighting

After many years of technical iteration and research, Chopin smart panel adopts 15 degrees of micro-warp pressing radian, piano key switch panel to support the curtain system dual-track control, free suspension control, dry contact and other functions. Simple and atmospheric design style, fully applicable to family, high-end hotel apartments, commercial offices and other places, coupled with comfortable touch, to bring users a higher level of experience.——LED intelligent lighting

To better blend into the soft style, Chopin Smart Panel can be customized to a variety of color masks, in each scene can be amazing blossom.——LED intelligent lighting

Often forget to close doors and windows, lamps, appliances and other equipment, manual open trouble and time-consuming, to solve these real life problems encountered by many users to buy intelligent products demand. Chopin smart panel series monitors users entering the scene or leaving the scene through various smart sensors, without user control, users can start the specific mode they need, not only to save the time to control various equipment, but also better energy management and monitoring, improve the efficiency of life.——LED intelligent lighting

According to the customer feedback and demand accumulated in the market, the controller ponders deeply on the Chopin smart panel series and redesigns the transmission scheme. The dimming panel adopts a knob design, which can smoothly adjust the brightness and color temperature, and the circular display can update real-time data. Chopin smart panel also uses radar microwave technology to induce light transmittance and care for light sleep people. Users don't have to get up at night to turn off the lights. Sleep mode can avoid a series of trifles such as closing the windows, shutting the curtains, turning off the lights, turning off the TV and so on before going to bed. Combining with intelligent light bulbs, a good sleeping atmosphere can be created. At any time, the fresh air system, ground heating system, central air conditioning control system, purifier and humidifier will be self-reliant. Keep your home in the most healthy and comfortable state. In addition to appearance and function, the installation and stability of smart panels are also important points for users to consider. Chopin Smart Panel Series can be easily installed before/after the house is renovated without re-striking the wall and wiring, with low construction cost. Combining with the intelligent host computer, through the wired network and built-in ZIGBEE gateway to the device to issue instructions, centralized control of smart home system equipment, stable and reliable.——LED intelligent lighting


For users, there is another factor in every usage scenario: security. For example, in the kitchen, bathroom and other scenes, regardless of whether the user is at home, can all-round guardianship of the environment and user safety. Through many years of technical accumulation, the customer control has achieved the majority of the market floor heating, fresh air, air-conditioning anti-theft alarm, smoke monitoring, door lock, visual intercom, door and window control equipment docking, to create an integrated and comprehensive security solution.——LED intelligent lighting

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