New Zealand Cities Are Switching To LED Streetlights To Improve Safety And Reduce Light Pollution

- Mar 15, 2019-

The Tauranga municipal government in New Zealand has started to convert street lamps into leds, foreign media reported.

It is reported that there are about 7,000 street lamps in residential areas that need to be replaced. After the upgrade, residents will be able to see the changes brought about by the city's LED street lamps.

According to Martin Parkes, acting general manager of infrastructure for the city council, leds are energy efficient, produce less carbon emissions than standard street lamps, require less maintenance and have better overall light quality.

"We chose lights with a 3000K color temperature because they produce a warmer white light."

Decorative street lighting accessories in some districts and communities will be replaced by LED lighting, and the appearance of some streetlights may change.

Glen Crowther of sustainable business networks was delighted to see the city replace its old streetlights with leds.

"We think this work is part of the turn to a low-carbon economy, this will eliminate the height of the demand for coal-fired power", "some of the most important thing is that, although we might miss the red orange glow old bulbs, but the government is using the LED instead of warm color, these leds can improve security and reduce light pollution."