Newcastle Jiang Yiming: Hold The Intelligent Future, Craftsman Spirit Helps Enterprise Development

- May 10, 2019-

New economy, new pattern and new momentum. Digital power is reshaping the value chain of lighting industry. The theme of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) in 2019 is "thinking about lighting, attacking and defending". We will discuss the winning way between enterprises attacking and defending in the local and global context, gather wise thinking, and create a new situation in the industry.

We focus on the development of LED industry innovation. In this context, GILE visited a number of outstanding exhibitors and industry guests, recorded a series of interviews with "Attack and Defense", shared the enterprise's future development plan and suggestions for the development of China's LED innovative industry, concentrated on presenting the wisdom of guests, outlining the panorama of China's LED era, and interpreted the way of attack and defense in the new era of lighting in depth with a hundred words.

In recent years, the competition in the LED industry is quite fierce, gradually white-hot, the market competition among major LED brands is also obvious, the industry shuffle accelerated. With the sustained and rapid development of the LED lighting market, the market of LED lighting driving power has a huge space for growth, and the driving power field presents the characteristics of "the big and constantly new comers enter". So, where is the future development direction of the industry? In this program, we go to Suzhou Newcastle Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Newcastle), and talk to Mr. Jiang Yiming, chairman of the board, to create a better future with intelligent power.

With the continuous support of national policy, the field of engineering lighting has also ushered in new space, which has brought greater opportunities for the application of high-power LED power supply. Undoubtedly, the law of subdividing into Wang has become one of the ways out of the tight encirclement for enterprises. Talking about the layout and development of 2019, Jiang Yiming said, "For many years, Newcastle has been focusing on high-power light source drive products. Newcastle's key products this year are super-high power intelligent power supply with adjustable color temperature, which can be widely used in tunnel lighting, Gymnasium lighting and other fields. With the continuous progress and development of society, people's quality of life is continuously improving. Our promotion of road traffic safety is a long-term adherence to the concept of green environmental protection. For the future development of lighting, the application of light in different application scenarios, Newcastle put forward higher requirements.

In recent two years, the concept of intelligent lighting has been integrated into the LED street lamp to add humanization. With the continuous warming of related concepts such as intelligence, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the demand for the practical application of intellectualization in high-power power supply keeps rising. Under the construction of smart city, LED enterprises seize the opportunity and continue to innovate and develop. About the future of intellectualization, Jiang Yiming said, "With the development of energy-saving industry in the world, Newcastle specializes in R&D and production of high-power power supply and control system, and strives to build a green and environmentally friendly humanized lighting environment, so as to create a better future with intelligent power supply."

With the development trend of intellectualization in the whole market, the outdoor high-power supply is also continuously upgraded intellectually. Intelligent power supply will bring huge benefits to power suppliers, lighting manufacturers and terminal owners. At the same time, the opportunities and challenges facing the market coexist. "Newcastle has completed the stock reform in 2017. In the future, Newcastle will insist on two points: first, to continue to serve our customers through better products and experience; second, to adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, to achieve the ultimate goal of products, to inherit and develop products to meet the needs of the development of the times, to constantly innovate business ideas and business models in the new era, to meet the needs of the times. Development. " Talking about future opportunities and adjustments, Jiang Yiming told reporters.

Digital power is reshaping the value chain of lighting industry. What are the winning ways for enterprises to attack and defend? For "attack and defend", Jiang Yiming believes that "adhere to the quality and service, actively promote the development of new technologies and industrial integration." In the course of attack and defense, they are not confused with problems and resistance, achievements and reputations, and print the coordinates of time again. The mission of the front rank is to strive with initiative.