Niche New Applications Continue To Grow, LED Factory Light Lei Expanded Production Again

- Jun 23, 2018-

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Global sensor related demand rapid growth in recent years, Taiwan LED factory, lei, ding yuan lock light sensor market transformation actively, including light lei of the sensing element production line has full, is planning to expand produces last year, is expected to open after the end of the year to the next new capacity, production capacity is expected to rise by twenty percent.

Lei sensing elements including light diode, electro-optical crystal and keener diode monthly production capacity of about 3 billion, the proportion of revenue rising year by year, in 2015 accounted for 36.7%, 44.92% late last year, in the first quarter of this year to 48.15%.

Due to order full load, and receive good visibility, light lei expansion has again decided to twenty percent, according to current capacity, already finished, monthly production capacity will reach 3.5 billion, become an important kinetic energy for the future business growth.

Taiwan's LED supply chain focuses on niche, high-technology product lines for transformation, with applications including IR LED, sensing, automotive, and special lighting.

Guanglei and dingyuan take sensing elements as the center of gravity. At present, the production lines are full, so they are actively expanding production.

Light lei says, because the new applications continues to grow, grow the most during the past two years is the automotive and related application, artificial intelligence and sensor components related to see favor continued growth of market demand, actively expand produces internal decision.

Guanglei has been at the bottom of its operating cycle for the past two years. After adjusting its product line, its gross profit margin and operating performance have risen year by year.

Gross margins reached 29.59 per cent for the whole of last year, the highest in nearly a decade, largely because of a continuing shift to niche markets and a small but beautiful advantage.

LED industry, said in addition to artificial intelligence (AI) related market, in recent years, with the Internet, the demand such as industrial 4.0 ram, infrared products sensing element market, demand, light lei in the first quarter of this year's gross margin has on thirty percent, optimistic about corporate market operations have the opportunity to continue to grow this year.

In addition, according to dramexchange consulting LE research center (LEDinside) "infrared sensor application market report 2018", points out that reflex cardiac blood oxygen sensor has a comprehensive import bracelet watches and intelligence wisdom, drive the infrared optical element demand growth obviously, the highest market share of Apple, a new generation of Apple Watch in order to promote the accuracy of the heart blood oxygen sensor, is expected to use twice as many green light LED and infrared leds, and a larger volume of photoelectric diode, the use of four or five times higher than previously, lei, ding yuan and other light industry is expected to benefit.