Ningbo Lighting Electrical Appliances Industry Association And Zhejiang Electronic Devices Alliance's First New Year's Evening Come To A Successful End

- Jan 27, 2019-

On January 12, the first Spring Festival Gala of Ningbo Lighting Association and Zhejiang Electronic Devices Union was held at Tiangang Pleasure Hotel, Ningbo. The theme of this meeting is "We shake hands here, we are Yang Fan here". More than one hundred device manufacturers from all over the country and more than sixty Ningbo local lighting enterprises participated in the event. The conference was strongly supported by the Consumer Goods Industry Office of Ningbo Economic and Credit Bureau, Ningbo Shuangchuang Service Center, Ningbo Kechuang Development Center, Ningbo Internet of Things Intelligent Application Technology Association, Home Appliances Association, Hardware Association, Electrical and Electrical Association and other brotherly associations. The meeting was chaired by Wang Peng, Secretary-General of Ningbo Lighting Electrical Industry Association.——LED lighting

Wang Peng, Secretary-General of Ningbo Lighting Electrical Industry Association

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ye Zhigang, Director of the Consumption Industry Office of the Economic and Credit Bureau, delivered a speech. He expressed concern for the development of the industry, solidarity and cross-border integration. The association should build a bridge between the government and enterprises, play a link role, and cluster and scale the development of the alliance.——LED lighting

Director Ye Zhigang, Consumption Industry Office of Ningbo Economic and Credit Bureau

Next, Director Lou Haodong of Ningbo Innovation Management Service Center outlined the welfare policy of the double-venture center to enterprises, and expressed his welcome for enterprises to settle down in high-tech zones.——LED lighting

Director of Building Haodong, Ningbo Innovation Management Service Center

Cao Maojun, the first executive vice president of the association and chairman of Yamao Optoelectronic Company, was present with Ye Zenghui, the executive vice president and general manager of Molx. President Cao Maojun warmly welcomed the guests and supported and encouraged more similar offline exchanges. At the same time, it also introduces the development ideas and work directions of the Association in 2019, and invites you to participate in the three upcoming member conferences in March. Make the conference a normal development, meet the needs of local enterprises, and promote the close link between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.——LED lighting

Cao Maojun, First Standing Vice President and Chairman of Yamao Photoelectric Industry Association

In addition, the evening party also received strong support from Tianjida Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Hongjia Soldering Tin Manufacturing, Huayu Electronics Co., Ltd., Weizheng Photoelectricity, Fali Electronics, Ziguang Ridong, Ningbo Qiya, Shenzhen Baolaiya, Ningbo Tongmai Electronics, Ningbo Smart Core, Shenzhen Zhixiang, New Oriental Detection Group, Ningbo Jinsuo Finance and other enterprises.——LED lighting

About Ningbo Lighting Electrical Industry Association

Since its establishment on January 18, 2008, Ningbo Lighting Electrical Appliance Industry Association has been adhering to the purpose of "serving enterprises, service industries and government". With the concept of "industry association, Service Association and innovation strong association", it has made a series of achievements as the government wants, enterprises need and associations reach. Over the years, the association has always adhered to the concept of not forgetting the first intention, dedication and confidence in the cause of the association by enterprises in the service industry. For many years in succession, it has been awarded middle-level excellence in the annual appraisal of Ningbo Economic and Credit Commission and relevant departments in the city.——LED lighting

About Zhejiang Electronic Devices Alliance

In less than three months, Zhejiang Electronic Devices Alliance has gathered nearly 1,000 people online. It has played a very good role in promoting the development of the industry chain of the Internet of Things in lighting and intelligent manufacturing, serving everyone better and promoting the development of the industry.——LED lighting