Nisa Sued Corlant For Patent Infringement Over LED Position Lights

- Jan 10, 2019-

Nichia has filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the Tokyo district court, claiming that the LED position lights of cars sold by Corlant co., a car after-sales parts dealer of Valenti brand, have infringed on the company's patents, and requesting damages and issuing an injunction.

Nihon said the infringing product in question for which the injunction and damages are sought in this lawsuit is the vehicle LED position light (model t10s-w0909-1) sold by Corlant.

According to nita, the LED configuration of this product infringes on nita's Japanese patents no. 5800452 and no. 6320582, which are related to PSS (graphic sapphire substrate) technology.

PSS technology is one of the core technologies in LED chip field.

At present, nisa has more than 100 patents on PSS technology in more than 15 countries.

Nita said it was committed to protecting its patents and other intellectual property rights and would take appropriate and necessary measures against infringers in any country.