Nobel Laureates Develop Nanorods Leds For Future Displays.

- May 24, 2018-

On Display Week 2018, Micro leds can be seen in Keynote Speech on the opening day of the conference.

In addition to the CEO zhang deqiang, the topic reports on the technology prospects of OLED displays.

Oculus Research's Douglas Lanman,Ph.D also discussed eye-tracking technology on VR devices.

Throughout the are related professionals and experts in the field of display, the SID is also special please by Nobel laureate in physics, Nagoya university professor Amano hao (Hiroshi Amano) to share the Micro LED technology development trends in the future.

Amano hao, a professor at the content of the share in addition to the future application prospect in the field of all kinds of energy saving, LED to display field, and particularly discusses the Nanorods LED, think in the future the technology will have a chance to become one of the possible options of the display field.

Especially when the display resolution of consumer electronics need up to 8 k, Micro LED chip size requires less than 1 mu m, to conform to the mobile phone screen size, either with QD or phosphor, want to go to the coating on such a small chip these materials to light conversion will face to the considerable technical barriers.

So currently, the technical team in Japan is conducting research on Nanorods LED, hoping to grow RGB of three different light colors through the Nanorods LED directly on the chip structure (as shown in the diagram below).

Of course, such technology will completely overturn the existing LED production process.

Therefore includes growth of epitaxial devices are need to make changes, and growth of epitaxial structure way, need to slowly through the injection and interruption crisscross of epitaxial growth of heterogeneous material structure, the hope can in monolithic epitaxial wafer to realize full color RGB light.

So when will it be possible to have black technology like outer space?

Let us pray for life!

(text: LEDinside Roger)