Non Display Non Lighting, The Application Of LED Technology In This Field Has Achieved New Results.

- Jul 21, 2018-

In addition to display and lighting, the application of LED technology in the medical field is also progressing. It is found that LED technology has created possibilities for the treatment of cancer.——LED lighting

Researchers at the Waseda University (Waseda University), Japan, have developed an implantable device, made up of LED chips and bioadhesive nanoscale slices, which can successfully reduce the tumor in mice through photodynamic therapy. The research results were published in Nature Biomedical Engineering journal in July 16, 2018.——LED lighting

Rhythmic photodynamic therapy is a long-term treatment with low doses of special drugs and special lighting to kill cancer cells. In order to use rhythmic photodynamic therapy, the researchers designed an implantable device on the surface of an animal tissue, where the device can release low intensity radiation to treat targeted lesions, thus achieving therapeutic purposes.——LED lighting

The research team said that compared with the traditional photodynamic therapy, the device reduced light intensity by 1000 times to avoid damage to normal tissues and effectively treat tumors. According to Toshinori Fujie, the team leader, surgical or radiation therapy for the cancer of the body, such as the brain or the pancreas, is risky, and an implantable device will play an important role in the treatment.——LED lighting

Specifically, it is possible to reduce the threat to healthy areas by installing rhythmic photodynamic therapy devices directly in targeted lesions.——LED lighting

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