NZXT Releases Two New HUE 2 LED Lamps

- Feb 18, 2019-

Recently, NZXT, a well-known PC peripheral manufacturer, has released two brand-new HUE 2 LED products, HUE 2 Ecosystem and HUE 2 Underglow. HUE 2 Ecosystem is designed for NZXT's own AER RGB 2 fan. NZXT has updated the Aer RGB fan. At present, both of them are fully compatible.

NZXT发布两款全新HUE 2 LED灯带

HUE 2 Underglow is a lamp bar product for PC chassis. It adopts diffuser design, which can provide softer and more uniform light. There are two models available for ATX/EATX and mATX/mini-ITX chassis, respectively. HUE 2 LED is divided into two sizes, 200 mm and 250 mm respectively. The two sizes have 6/8 LED lights, which can be compatible with NZXT's own chassis, motherboard, power supply, radiator and other products.

NZXT发布两款全新HUE 2 LED灯带

Compared with the previous products, NZXT has added a new microcontroller for HUE 2 LED. The controller supports 4-channel RGB fan expansion. It can customize each lamp bead on the addressing lamp bar. It can remotely control the backlight on the mobile phone and the flat panel through CAM system to identify its specific LED configuration.