One Lake, One Ring Landscape Lighting Raises New Expectations For Ji'nan Residents

- Apr 25, 2018-

In order to do a good job of "Ji'nan urban lighting overall planning", the Ji'nan Planning Bureau organized a questionnaire survey in March this year. The results showed that the average night activity of nearly 60% of the respondents was 2-3 hours a year. The interviewees suggested that at the same time, the night scene lighting in Ji'nan should focus on strengthening the nighttime environment as a whole to embody the unique cultural characteristics of the spring city in Ji'nan.


It is understood that a total of 6508 valid questionnaires were received. Of these, 80% were local residents and the remaining 20% were tourists. 59.41% of the respondents averaged 2-3 hours of activity at night, and 16.75% of the respondents spent 4 hours or more nights in summer and autumn. Night activity areas are mainly in parks, square, neighborhood and shopping malls. The main activities include dinner, entertainment, shopping, fitness and view, and the demand for night activities is strong.

Most of the interviewees think that the first impression of Ji'nan in the spring city is more important than the historical and cultural city and the political and cultural center of the province. "Mountain, spring, lake, river and city" are integrated, which can most reflect the characteristics of Ji'nan city. Among the many cultural landmarks in Ji'nan, the most representative are the four major springs, the hibiscus Street - the Baihua - Zhou historical and cultural block, the Daming Lake, the liberation Pavilion, the general temple, and the landmark of Qianfo Hill and Honglou churches. Most of the respondents believe that in order to highlight the unique features of Ji'nan, Huashan, magi and other "nine points" and "four springs" groups need further improvement.

52.25% of the respondents believe that the "one lake and one ring" landscape lighting project has been built in the near future, which highlights the characteristics of the city. It is comfortable and bright, convenient and interactive, advanced facilities, and the visual feeling and humanistic experience are all very shocking. However, as far as the whole city is concerned, the night environment still has visual discomfort (such as too much color and fast dynamic), and some problems exist in some areas, such as high brightness, light pollution and so on. Therefore, most of the interviewees suggest that the night landscape lighting in key historic buildings, waterfront and ancient city areas should be further promoted, the night scenery lighting of the administrative center, the station, the airport and some park squares should be properly rectify and improved, and the nighttime environment is strengthened as a whole so that the night scene can reflect the characteristics of Ji'nan and the spring. City characteristics and cultural characteristics.

The person in charge of the Ji'nan Municipal Planning Bureau said that the next step of the overall planning of Ji'nan urban lighting will be combined with the opinions of the masses. While ensuring the city's functional lighting, it will highlight the features of the city and form a distinct theme of landscape lighting, which makes the Ji'nan night scene more recognizable and further highlights the cultural heritage of the city. The brand of urban lighting adapted to the cultural connotation of Ji'nan.