Open And Share The Resources Of Wisdom Pole And Tower, Promote The Development Of 5G And Wisdom Lighting In Jiangxi Province

- May 10, 2019-

01 Jiangxi Province Clearly Open and Share Wisdom Tower Resources

There is no doubt that the 5G heat continues from 2018 to 2019. Following the publication of relevant three-year action plans, 5G development plans and guidance documents for smart city construction in Guangdong, Shanghai, Hainan, Jilin and Jiangsu in 2018, the Jiangxi Provincial Government also issued the 5G Development Plan for Jiangxi Province (2019-2023) in February 2019.

According to the characteristics of dense distribution of 5G base stations and the idea of "macro-micro integration, indoor and outdoor collaboration", the plan clearly points out that multi-sectoral coordination mechanism should be explored to integrate social resources such as social poles, social management and social electricity across borders, so as to promote the bidirectional open sharing and overall utilization of tower base stations, Street lights, monitoring, traffic instructions, power and other pole and tower resources. Promote the construction and transformation of Urban Smart poles and towers with the function of "one pole, multi-purpose", and effectively integrate 5G site resources.

As the capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang undoubtedly becomes one of the core demonstration cities of 5G development in Jiangxi Province. It is certain that the 5G construction will be realized by carrying on the smart lamp pole.

02 Nanchang New Town Promotes the Construction of Smart Street Light Poles

In order to understand the development of intelligent lamp pole construction in Nanchang, Aladdin's China Intelligent Lamp Pole Research Group in 2019 recently entered Nanchang, together with relevant experts and unit leaders, to inspect the project of intelligent street lamp pole in Xincheng, Jiangxi Province, and hold a round table discussion.

Secretary Tu Qiangbo of the fourth branch of Jiangxi Transportation Engineering Group Co., Ltd., the owner of the project, General Manager Zheng Xiaomei of Implementing Qinshang Photoelectric Co., Ltd., and General Manager Lin Guangbin of South China also attended the research activities.

According to the introduction, the new town project is located in Changqiu New District of Nanchang New District, with a total land area of about 3000 mu. It is a modern, high-quality and livable new town with the functions of ecological livability, vigorous commerce, culture and leisure. In order to improve the level of urban management and service, the high starting point planning of the new town will bring the smart city into the construction of basic and public supporting facilities.

"In view of the development orientation of the new town, Qin Shang-guang has tailored the overall solution of the Intelligent City Internet of Things. Intelligent street lamp as the carrier, integrates intelligent lighting management system, video surveillance system, WiFi coverage system, information dissemination system, emergency alarm system and so on.

Thirteen roads of 13 municipal roads from the planning road to No. 8 Road, Changqiao Road, Shigang Road, South College Avenue, Lehua Road and Xishan Road are designed and constructed. There are three types of intelligent street lamp poles, i.e. high, medium and low, totaling 768 poles. Zhang Zhengkuan, Director of Optoelectronics Intelligent Technology Department, said.

On the spot of investigation, a series of demonstrations of intelligent street lamp pole management software platform were carried out by the optoelectronic engineers on duty. Members of the delegation raised questions about the fund, technology, management platform and ownership of property rights involved in the project.

Zhang Zhengkuan said that the construction of the new city project based on intelligent street lamp pole, excluding LED display screen and one-button alarm equipment, could save more than 5 million yuan for the construction of the project with a total price of 20 million yuan. At present, the new city command center is being built, at that time, the intelligent street lamp pole system management platform will be transferred to the command center for unified management.

At the Smart Light Pole Round Table, the participants introduced the current situation of the development of the Smart Light Pole in Jiangxi Province, and discussed the core issues of policy planning, development opportunities and government action of the Smart Light Pole industry in Jiangxi Province.

03 Policy Frequent, Grasp Strategic Opportunities, Build Sample Cities in Jiangxi Province

Under the leadership of "Wulian Jiangxi", the Jiangxi provincial government successively promulgated "Jiangxi Mobile Internet of Things Development Plan (2017-2020)", "Jiangxi Provincial People's Government's Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Wulian Jiangxi", "Promoting the National Science and Technology Major Special Projects of the New Generation Broadband Mobile Communication Network (referred to as"03 Special Projects"), and"New 2018" Key Points for Pilot Demonstration of Transfer and Transfer of National Science and Technology Major Projects of the First Generation Broadband Wireless Mobile Communication Network (referred to as "03 Projects") and "Jiangxi 5G Development Plan (2019-2023)" and other programmatic documents.

Among them, "Jiangxi 5G Development Planning (2019-2023)" said to promote the two-way open sharing and overall utilization of tower base stations, street lights, monitoring, traffic instructions, power and other tower resources.

"At present, the municipal governments of Jiujiang, Yichun and Ji'an have asked the local city administration bureau to open up all the lamp pole resources as a bearing department, and formulate corresponding supervision and management policies to effectively manage the lamp pole resources." Wen Liping, secretary-general of lighting industry branch of Jiangxi Urban Construction Management Association, said.

A Brief Analysis of Nanchang in 2004

As the capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang actively lays out 5G and develops smart light poles.

"In the 2019 Nanchang municipal government's work report, it was mentioned that Nanchang should take the construction of smart city as the starting point, combine the establishment of the Big Data Management Bureau, the" 03 special projects "and the" 5G "pilot project, and adopt the means of" Internet + "and" Internet of things + "to promote the integration of urban management, urban traffic and other functions, data sharing and split application, so as to accelerate the construction of the" urban brain "and gradually achieve the goal of the whole city. All-round and whole-process dynamic monitoring of the city.

Zhou Guangyu, senior engineer of Nanchang Street Lamp Management Office, believes that the construction of a smart city should be a gradual process, first collecting data, secondly building platforms, and finally building poles. Nanchang City is currently making preparations for the establishment of a street lamp GIS geographic information system. More than 80,000 street lamps in the city have been installed with positioning number signs. Through the collection of basic data and information of street lamp poles, the alarm positioning function of street lamp poles throughout the city has been realized, and the urban lighting monitoring system has been upgraded.

With regard to the construction of big data platform, on April 3 this year, Nanchang formally established the Nanchang Big Data Development Authority. One of the central tasks in the next few years is to build the "urban brain" of Nanchang, which is responsible for the cultivation of large data centers and large data industries in smart cities. It involves the integration of many data resources in the whole city. It is reported that by the end of 2021, Nanchang will initially realize "one network perception of the whole city, one key command linkage, one intellectually enjoyable service" through the construction of "urban brain". The "back-to-back" scattered "small data" of all departments in the city will be transformed into "big data" of the unified management of the city.

"The first step is to collect information, the second is to realize wisdom, and the last is to produce value. Therefore, we should first do a good job of standardized planning, and then carry out pilot projects. Only after the pilot projects come out, can we embody its wisdom. Only after the emergence of wisdom, can more enterprises participate in it, can it create value and finally realize the sharing of social resources." Director Zhou said.

In the near two months, the pilot work will be carried out in Nanchang, and further popularization will be carried out according to the actual application effect of the pilot project. As for the leading unit of intelligent lamp pole construction, it is not clear at present in Nanchang; but whether the intelligent lamp pole management platform is built on the large data management platform or upgraded on the original lamp platform is still uncertain.

Brief Analysis of Yingtan in 2005

The development of intelligent lamp pole begins with intelligent lighting. It is promoted by the government's policy on the demand of intelligent city and intelligent lighting construction. In the "03 Special Project" of Jiangxi Province, it is clearly proposed to promote the city's intelligent lighting construction and reduce the lighting energy consumption of the whole province.

Speaking of the development of intelligent lighting in Jiangxi, we have to mention Yingtan, a "new city of wisdom". As the earliest city in Jiangxi Province to promote the construction of intelligent city and intelligent lighting, Yingtan is also the city with the widest coverage of intelligent lighting at present.

Yingtan has been actively promoting NB-IoT pilot applications in various fields, and intelligent street lighting is one of the application scenarios. In 2016, Yingtan, together with Huawei, the global leader of NB-IoT, and the three major operators, explored the way to become the first city in China to deploy the commercial Internet of Things, and realized the full coverage of three NB-IoT commercial networks, telecommunications and mobile eMTC.

In July 2017, the world's first large-scale commercial project of NB-IoT intelligent street lamp landed in Xinjiang New Area of Yingtan City and formally put into operation. It was led by Yingtan City Administration Bureau. China Telecom, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Taihua Intelligence Co-construction covered 2888 street lamps on all roads in the new area. The first phase of the project included 576 LED street lamps in Heping Road, Dezheng Road and Yuxingui Avenue area. Through mobile phone APP, energy-saving control such as switch and dimming of each lamp is realized.

Supported by the new generation of NB-IoT communication technology, Yingtan City upgraded the lighting management system in an all-round way, realized a network of the whole city, realized comprehensive perception, intelligent control, extensive interaction and deep integration of each lamp on the urban road, which played a benchmark role in the construction of the global Internet of Things industry and intelligent city.

Jiangxi Province "03 special project" mentioned: vigorously support Yingtan base intelligent water meter, intelligent street lamp, intelligent water purification equipment and other mature products promotion and application. Among them, Yingtan City realizes the full coverage of intelligent water meter city and county level urban areas in the year, and other expansion areas start the application and promotion of intelligent water services and intelligent street lamps.

Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, which is named for "Ripples among them, Eagles Dancing on them", is a "Millennium Ancient Capital" full of historical and cultural connotations. The "Wisdom New Town" woven by the Internet of Things, 5G and other emerging technologies will become a resounding business card in the development of its modernization construction.


In the future, the pilot demonstration of "03 Special Project" transfer and transformation will promote the rapid development of 5G in Jiangxi Province. Through summarizing and promoting the experience and practices of pilot projects in Nanchang and Yingtan, Jiangxi Province will become the industrial highland of the Internet of Things in the whole country by promoting the development of mobile Internet of Things industry in Jiangxi Province from point to area.