Operating Principle Of Electronic Ballast

- Jul 08, 2018-

Its characteristic is to use high pressure start light tube (800-1200V), light light is very easy, but easily cause the blackening of the lamp, the broken filament and the life of the lamp. The most competitive advantage is that the price is low, and it is suitable for the place where the switching times are not frequent, and the number of switches is smaller than 5 times a day.

The electronic ballast is a high frequency inverter which convers the voltage of 220V to high frequency alternating current and outputs high voltage through high frequency transformer. The high voltage alternating current strikes the mercury vapor in the fluorescent lamp to make the tube light. After the fluorescent lamp works, the output voltage of the high frequency transformer is limited by its own power and automatically falls to the working voltage of the fluorescent tube to achieve the purpose of ballast. Because the inverter is an electronic component, the failure rate is higher than that of the old iron ballast.