OPPLE Lighting Adds New Independent Directors To Help Optimize Corporate Governance

- Jun 07, 2018-

Recently, OPPLE lighting (603515) of the leading enterprise of domestic lighting industry (603515) issued a announcement, which is to be added as an independent director of the accounting professor of China European International Business School and Mr. Su Xijia, deputy director of EMBA academic. It is reported that Professor Su Xijia mainly engaged in the research of international accounting, audit, company management, Chinese accounting and auditing, and has a deep research and understanding in the management and management of enterprises. This time, Mr. Su Xijia's accession will effectively improve the governance structure and enhance management efficiency of OPPLE lighting company.

At the same time, Liu Jiayong and Professor Huang Yuchang, two other independent directors of OPPLE lighting, have rich experience in the international market strategic planning, the management of multinational enterprises, the future layout and R & D direction of the high-tech industry. In the future, with the joining of Professor Su Xijia, the OPPLE lighting board that brings together a number of experts will further improve the corporate governance structure, improve the quality and efficiency of the decision of major matters, and support the long-term strategic development plan of the company.

The information of 2017 annual report shows that OPPLE lighting insists on the strategy of globalization and independent brand, focusing on the regional expansion of the strategic market. At the same time, in the process of industrial upgrading, the lighting industry is facing the deep integration of new technologies such as smart home and Internet of things. At present, OPPLE lighting has long-term layout in the direction of Internet of things and intelligent lighting, and will go along with the road of globalization.

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