OPPLE Lighting Is Awarded 2018 China's Golden Wall Award, The Most Growth Enterprise

- Oct 30, 2018-

On October 24, the "China Intelligent Manufacturing Association 2018" with the theme of "Core Technology Leading Manufacturing Industry" was held in Beijing by the 21st Century Economic Report. Opel Lighting, the leading lighting company in China, relied on its profitability, market development scale, outstanding R&D and operation capabilities, and home lighting for three consecutive years. Electrical appliances, wind and warm bath, kitchen and bathroom ceiling and commercial lighting in the field of advantages, won the award of the same period of China's intelligent "Golden Wall" Award for the most growth enterprises.——LED lighting

OPPLE lighting is awarded 2018 China's "golden wall" award, the most growth enterprise.

The annual "China Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Annual Conference" is a grand gathering of China's manufacturing industry. Li Ying, inspector of the Information Technology and Software Services Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended and delivered a speech. Industry experts, business representatives, media reporters and so on, a total of more than 400 people attended the annual meeting. In accordance with open and transparent objective data, the "Golden Great Wall" Prize for Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing was awarded in the same period, and an independent and authoritative evaluation system was established. The evaluation system was recommended by experts and institutions, and the enterprises were recommended by themselves. Combining with field research and exchange, the enterprises'declaration forms were collected to indicate the growth, industry competitiveness, innovation and business model of the enterprises. The bid should be strictly audited and the benchmarking enterprises in China's manufacturing industry should be selected. The OPPLE lighting has been awarded the "most growth enterprise".——LED lighting

Since its listing in August 2016, OPPLE has made steady progress in lighting. Total profit in 2017 exceeded 800 million, an increase of 31.44% over the same period last year. In recent three years, the growth of operating income has continued to improve, and it has maintained a relatively leading growth rate in the industry. In addition to grabbing domestic market share, Opel Lighting is also "going out" to expand the overseas market, and maintain rapid growth every year. In addition, after more than 20 years of intensive cultivation, Opel has gradually established core competitive advantages in brand, channel, research and development technology, production and operation, talent and management.——LED lighting

OPPLE lighting is awarded 2018 China's "golden wall" award, the most growth enterprise.

As mentioned in the award speech for Opel Lighting: "Opel Lighting has increased its investment in R&D and intelligence on the basis of leading the home lighting market. The company continues to promote the automation of industrial production lines, in the intelligent control of the establishment of an independent IOT Internet of Things platform, and strive to create the Opel Smart Lighting Ecosphere, the successful introduction of intelligent Lighting-Based smart home ecosystem. OPPLE now has 1900 patents and maintains 3% to 4% R & D investment each year. In the aspect of intelligent control, an independent IOT Internet of Things platform is established, on which intelligent lighting based smart home ecosystem is developed. At the same time, Opel Lighting has launched cross-border cooperation with a number of technology giants, following Huawei in 2016, through the Hilink protocol and other smart home products to achieve interconnection, followed by Tencent, Ali, Baidu, as well as OPPO, VIVO, Samsung, Apple and other smart home technology docking, so that users can truly achieve the whole house intelligence The consumption experience of Hui family.——LED lighting

Under the strategic trend of manufacturing 2025 in China, intelligent manufacturing is one of the important paths for the development of enterprises. Opel Lighting takes the lead in the application of automation in the design of stable and demanding modules from the perspective of enterprise management and industry development. It meets the needs of individual projects through flexible customized production lines, and gradually promotes intelligent manufacturing by the way of "trotting". At the same time, by optimizing the supply chain system, we will continue to build the world's leading intelligent manufacturing system and promote the comprehensive capacity building in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factories, intelligent logistics and intelligent services.——LED lighting

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