Optimistic About Micro LED Super Size Applications, LG Display Has Begun Research And Development

- Apr 26, 2018-

Recently, LG Display said in an interview that the company has embarked on the development of Micro LED, which will be more suitable for business scenarios.

This year, Micro LED has become one of the key words of future display technology. In this regard, Yin Zhurong, director of the LG Display Institute, told reporters that the company has developed the technology in this technology, but the technology has a huge cost of research and development, and the requirements for cutting technology are also high.

Yin Zhurong analysis, research and development Micro LED and OLED do not rush. Micro LED has certain advantages in the super large and high-end market with 150 inches and 200 inches, such as clarity. However, in the market of 80 inches or less, OLED has more advantages in price. Micro LED has the absolute advantage in the splicing screen, the large commercial screen, the sign market and the outdoors. This is because no matter whether it is LCD or OLED, the border can be seen in the splicing, the largest overloading edge can also be seen on the border, and the Micro LED can fully seamlessly splice.

"Micro LED requires very high cutting precision and can only be cut through semiconductor engineering." Yin Zhurong said.