Orders For LED Lamp Module Grew Significantly And Visibility Of Lian Ka Orders Reached 2021.

- Aug 20, 2018-

Huang Bingyu, chairman and general manager of Lianjia Lighting Components and Modules Factory, disclosed at a meeting in France on August 16 that orders for LED lamp modules of the company have grown substantially, with visibility now reaching 2021 and will contribute to the growth momentum in the next few years.——LED Automobile lighting

Lianjia's net after-tax profit in the first half of this year was 72 million yuan (NT$, the same below; a loss of 13 million yuan in the same period last year), with an EPS of 0.46 yuan, approaching the full-year profit level of last year. The third quarter entered the traditional off-season of the automobile factory, but Lianjia's combined revenue of 261 million yuan in July, 80.37% a year, reached peak season level, thanks to the good performance of orders for North American lights and LED lights.——LED Automobile lighting

Huang pointed out that the North American market accounted for 76% of the company's revenue last year. The main customers are world-renowned leading automotive lamp factories. This year, customers'pulling capacity has been growing steadily. In order to meet the demand of order growth, he purchased new factories in Michigan this year, and will introduce automation production lines and design departments in succession, so as to provide close service in the future. In addition to lowering transportation costs, the customers of North America's three largest auto factories can also enjoy American tax cuts to further enhance their competitiveness.——LED Automobile lighting

Lianjia currently accounts for 85% of its sales of automotive lamp applications, including its headquarters in Taiwan, California and Michigan, Europe and Spain, as well as Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing in mainland China. Huang also said that in the future, the company will continue to develop high-tech level, high unit price LED headlights, but also optimistic about the trend of automotive dashboard digitization, will actively invest in the development of micro-spacing Mini LED.——LED Automobile lighting

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