OSRAM And Paradox Engineering Cooperate To Promote Switzerland

- Jun 27, 2018-

OSRAM, a high-tech lighting maker, and Paraox Engineering SA, a wireless sensor network technology company, launched an intelligent lighting program in St Gallen, northeastern Switzerland, which is expected to install LED lighting in the city and remote remote control system.——LED lighting

At present, OSRAM has provided 60 pieces of SL20 LED lighting device, and launched the test in Oberstrasse street, St Gallen. The LED lighting system combines Paradox Engineering wireless network and remote monitoring by PE Smart Urban Network platform. As long as people are seated in the control room, the St Gallen government can adjust single or multiple LED street lights according to demand, and track street lights at any time.——LED lighting

In addition to adjusting road lights, this intelligent lighting system also installed optical sensors, according to the road traffic congestion, street lamps will automatically adjust the light and dark, can reduce the power waste at the time of traffic peak. Compared with traditional street lamps, the system can save 65% power consumption.——LED lighting

Urs Etter, head of the St Gallen public lighting department, points out that street lamps are the key to a city that attracts people or not, and that St Gallen has invested in LED lighting for many years, hoping to further improve the sustainability of the city through this system.——LED lighting

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