OSRAM Cooperates With Held To Install LED Light Module In Motorcycle Clothing

- Mar 12, 2019-

Motorcycle clothing manufacturer Held is working with Osram to improve road visibility by adding OSRAM LED modules to its existing product line. This can provide better visibility and safety for motorcyclists at night, in foggy weather and similar conditions.

Stefan Hofmann, head of OSRAM Intelligent Textile Lighting Business, said, "Integrating textile lighting into motorcycle clothing provides a new way to improve road traffic safety. Together with Held, we have developed a solution that is particularly suitable for motorcycle clothing. During the motorcycle season, Held is introducing two motorcycle jackets and a safety vest. Motorcyclists can use Osram's active lighting module to modify their clothes.

Traditional passive protection, such as clothing reflective strips, is not enough to protect motorcyclists at night or on roads with poor visibility. Conversely, jackets with integrated lighting do not require the incident light of vehicle headlights or street lamps, but provide active protection. Before riding a motorcycle, the rider can easily turn on the light by connecting a rechargeable battery pack. Without any other manual settings, the lamp can provide up to 7 hours of active lighting (using 4,000 mAh batteries) in continuous operation. The LED module emits white light in the front and red light in the back. The rider can quickly and simply install the light module onto the clothes through a small cylinder, and the battery can be easily charged through the USB port.

During a hockey game at Germany's highest mountain, Osram first introduced lighting modules for textile lighting at the end of 2016 after endurance testing under extreme conditions. Next, Osram plans to combine optical modules with sensor technology. In the future, an APP can be used to control various applications.