Osram Introduced Horticultural Lighting Duris S5 Purple LED

- Apr 15, 2019-

LED-based horticultural lighting solutions have great advantages, and the market demand for them is growing.

Recently, OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor launched a new Duris S5 purple LED. The company says the combination of red and blue key wavelengths into a purple LED makes horticultural applications more cost-effective than ever.

Designers of professional horticultural lighting systems usually prefer multi-channel solutions, combining various LEDs to adapt and optimize light output at different stages of plant life cycle, including seedling stage, germination stage, vegetative growth stage and flowering stage. For consumer lighting systems, cost and ease of implementation are key factors for system developers to focus on when choosing their components.

By combining the two most important wavelengths of plant growth (450 and 660 nm) in one package, Duris S5 purple LED provides a particularly economical solution for cost-sensitive applications. The LED has 0.3 and 1.0 Watts and is suitable for horticultural lighting systems in indoor consumer applications.

The solution uses innovative fluorescence spectroscopy for high photosynthetic fluorescence (PPF), professional materials such as high quality epoxy lead frames, OSRAM sapphire chips and rugged silica gel, and has passed extensive stress testing. Duris S5 purple can also be mixed with Duris S5 lime to produce high quality white light suitable for harvesting and visual inspection.

In addition, OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor also provides a full spectrum white Duris with various voltage options. Compared with standard white LED, OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor has a higher proportion of super red and far red.