OSRAM Joint Venture With Mainland Group To Accelerate Innovation Of Automotive Lighting

- Jul 05, 2018-

OSRAM Continental GmbH, a joint venture established by technology company continental group and OSRAM group, is officially put into operation. After successfully completing all negotiations and obtaining consolidated control documents, the joint venture has been officially established as scheduled in the second half of 2018.——LED chip

Joint venture company OSRAM Continental chief financial officer Harald Renner (left),Joint venture company OSRAM Continental chief executive officer Dirk Linzmeier (right) (photo source: OSRAM)

The joint venture company OSRAM Continental GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has 16 locations worldwide. It will employ approximately 1500 employees at the initial stage. As planned, the company's headquarters will move to Germany at the appropriate time. The joint venture seeks to achieve annual sales of several hundred million euros. The mainland group and OSRAM group each share 50% of the joint venture, and its earnings will be included in OSRAM group.——LED chip

Each take advantage, joint venture co operation

The automotive lighting market is in the stage of transformation to the development of semiconductor based lighting technology. The importance and influence of software and electronic products are increasing day by day. To this end, the continental group and the OSRAM group are strong joint efforts to develop the most advanced headlamp modules for the automobile manufacturers and auto parts suppliers, as well as the end lighting and interior lighting solutions.——LED chip

The mainland group and OSRAM group integrate their advantages to develop the most advanced intelligent headlights, Chao Terua and interior lighting solutions. (picture source: OSRAM)

The joint venture plans to grow at an annual growth rate of up to two digits over the next five years. The high growth rate is based on the strong growth of the LED market and laser based lighting modules and solutions and related electronic products. Moreover, the first batch of products developed by the joint venture is expected to be put into mass production in 2021.——LED chip

Accelerating innovation of automobile lighting with frontier science and technology

The joint venture has promoted the intelligent automobile lighting technology to a new height, and continued to apply digital technology to its automobile lighting solutions, and concentrated on providing various intelligent lighting functions for the automobile. OSRAM Continental, a joint venture, is committed to ensuring the market penetration of LED technology in all automobile segments by combining lighting and intelligent electronic products.——LED chip

The joint venture not only uses software based solutions to create configurable lighting distribution systems, such as anti glare headlights and far light lights, and the active development of intelligent lighting. For example, by using the data of the navigation system and sensors, the future vehicles equipped with these solutions will be able to send warning messages to other road users when driving.——LED chip

Automotive lighting has stepped up to a new level: besides anti glare headlights, cars can also send warnings to other road users.

OSRAM Continental, a joint venture between OSRAM group and continental group, has further promoted the development of automotive lighting, making it a new step, constantly meeting the needs of people's lighting, and bringing us a new era of intelligent lighting.——LED chip