Osram's New Broadband Infrared LED Helps Growers Optimize Harvesting Time

- Dec 14, 2018-

Recently, Osram introduced a new near Oslon Black SFH 4736 infrared LED (NIRED). Growers can get reliable information about sugar, moisture and fat content by scanning fruits or cereals on smartphones or tablets equipped with the NIRED, and more accurately determine harvesting time.——LED Christmas light

This application is based on the specific absorption behavior of some molecular compounds and can be applied to various crops. The system first illuminates the sample by the new Oslon Black SFH 4736, then measures the wavelength distribution of the reflected light by the spectrometer, and then determines the existence and quantity of some components by the measurement results. Take grape cultivation as an example. When to harvest is one of the most important decisions that every vineyard owner needs to make. Too early or too late will greatly affect the quality of grapes. With this near infrared spectroscopy technology, vineyard owners can easily grasp the maturity of grapes and harvest them at the most appropriate time by random scanning. This not only ensures the best taste of grapes as far as possible, but also saves valuable time and cost for subsequent processing and transportation stages.——LED Christmas light

The introduction of SFH 4736 means that OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor broadband emission infrared LED product portfolio has added a narrow beam angle product. Its lens can ensure strong directional light and improve the overall efficiency of the system. The primary optical element can focus 90% of the generated light in the beam angle of +/-40 degrees, which greatly improves the optical power per unit area of the target object - in other words, the light energy can accurately converge where it is needed. So that more light is reflected back to the spectrometer, and the intensity of the measured signal is greatly increased. Prior to this, several independent optical elements were needed to achieve the convergence of light. The advent of this new transmitter effectively reduced the cost of assembly, adjustment and design of the whole system.——LED Christmas light

Like the previous generation SFH 4735, SFH 4736 is based on high-efficiency blue-light chips using UX:3 technology. Its phosphor converter is specially developed for this purpose. It can convert blue light into infrared light with wavelengths ranging from 650 to 1050 nm. SFH 4736 is only 2.3 mm in thickness and 3.75 mm x 3.75 mm in size, which is almost the same as SFH 4735.——LED Christmas light

Carola Diez, Senior Marketing Manager of OSRAM Optoelectronic Semiconductors, said: "Compared with the lensless SFH 4735, the output of SFH 4736 has increased more than twice, and the beam can be focused at a solid angle of 80 degrees. SFH 4736 marks Osram's further step towards a more efficient broadband NIRED in the application of spectral technology.——LED Christmas light

As early as the end of 2016, OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor launched the world's first broadband transmitter SFH 4735. As the predecessor of the new NIRED, SFH 4735 is widely used in a variety of applications, including Scio, one of the first NIR micro-spectrometers launched by Consumer Physics, an Israeli start-up, which is only matchbox-sized and is mainly aimed at the end-consumer field. Now, its successor model SFH 473 is also suitable for the professional field, and has become a good helper for growers.——LED Christmas light

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