Panasonic Recalls Two Types Of LED Ceiling Lamp When The LED Control Device Does Not Meet The Standard

- Dec 14, 2018-

According to Panasonic's official website, the LED control device used in the LED ceiling lamp produced in August 2018 (model: LGC14012110 batch: 180620) fails to meet the requirements of the national standard of the LED control device, because the heat-resistant, fire-resistant and leakage-resistant marking items do not meet the requirements of the national standard for personal safety.——LED Christmas light

Panasonic Electrical Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd. decided to recall two kinds of ceiling lamps (Pinfan: HH-LA1625CC/HH-LA1629CC batches for 201803 and 20180804) using the batch of LED control devices.——LED Christmas light

So far, no market complaints have occurred about the company's products sold in the market.

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