People Oriented Is The Future Direction Of Intelligent Lighting, But How To Implement It Is The Key.

- Jul 03, 2018-

Speaking of intelligent lighting, at present, the acceptance of consumers has generally been improved. Ma Ziqi, senior analyst at LED Research Institute of high technology research institute, said that in many new application markets, intelligent lighting is still in the stage of rapid growth. GGII data showed that the size of China's smart lighting market reached 26 billion 400 million yuan in 2017, and GGII expected the smart lighting market in 2018 to reach 38 billion 700 million yuan, up 46.6% from the same year.——LED intelligent lighting

About GGII's prediction of the rapid growth of the intelligent lighting market, Zhang Xiaofei, chairman of Gao Gong LED, agrees. He pointed out: "intelligent lighting is growing fast, but the market penetration is not enough at present, even the ratio of 20% can not be reached, so there is still a lot of space to be excavated."

Because of the weak growth of general lighting and the rapid growth of intelligent lighting, the domestic and foreign lighting giants have strengthened the layout of intelligent lighting, which can be said to be near the age of intelligent lighting. However, it is necessary to mention that, with the increasing awareness of the people based on people, people's demand for lighting is also changing, and the lighting of people-oriented has emerged as the times require. Therefore, the development direction of intelligent lighting in the new era is to realize the harmonious development of city, lighting, human and nature.——LED intelligent lighting

Yao Mengming, general manager of lighting design and Application Department of Xin Nuo Fei China, said: "lighting must be people-oriented and must be healthy. The lighting that people need every day should change like nature, especially in the face of more human and healthier environmental needs, which is the root of people's lighting.

In the field of intelligent lighting, LED can achieve people-oriented lighting through the combination of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of things. Based on the technology itself, it is easier to control the intensity of light, the spectrum of light, the development of the Internet and the maturity of the lighting control technology after the appearance of LED.

Scene lighting has been mentioned more and more frequently on the basis of new changes in consumer demand for lighting. Li Zhaohua, general manager of Ming microelectronics, said that intelligent lighting is an action that light can "be bright at any time, not at any time", and that the action is not only determined by the remote control, but the scene lighting is the connection between "light" and "heart", and the re upgrading of intelligent lighting. Scene lighting, while maintaining the requirements of intelligent lighting technology, in the design of "a more floor", the professional light designers designed to meet the scene and people's inner feelings of the lighting layout.——LED intelligent lighting

As for scene lighting, Li Zhaohua thinks that lighting design is the most important link. If the technical effect can reach "ears can smell and see", it can be called real scene lighting. But at present, there is another big challenge, which is to enhance the security of the system, because the present system security intensity is somewhat unsatisfactory. Li Zhaohua explained: "for example, a stereo can transmit information to the cloud, and it can eavesdrop on any activity, so this risk always exists."——LED intelligent lighting

In fact, the consumer market has always existed for users' privacy concerns. The European Union has developed the harshest data privacy law, the GDPR, which has come into force in the EU in May 25th.

According to the provisions of the European Union in GDPR, relevant organizations must maintain transparency in the handling of personal data. Those who violate the regulations may face a maximum penalty of 4% of their annual revenue. This has caused some anxiety in the industry, and many companies want consultants, business partners and regulators to seek advice, and even technology companies choose to stop providing services to the residents of the European Union. Yeelight, an intelligent luminaire manufacturer under Xiaomi, is no exception.——LED intelligent lighting

The hidden danger of system security is one of the problems that intelligent lighting needs to face up to and solve. For intelligent lighting enterprises, it is not just to produce a lighting fixture so simple, it needs to think about how to improve the security of the system, enhance the sense of user experience and satisfaction. But the intelligent lighting industry chain involves a wide range, which requires the joint participation of lighting enterprises and the Internet (Internet of things) platform enterprises, and there are various control agreements and alliances in the middle. Therefore, multi-party integration and cross-border cooperation are effective ways to promote the development of intelligent lighting industry at present.——LED intelligent lighting

Since the development of LED, the industrial chain, which consists of epitaxy, chip, packaging, luminaire, intelligent control system, sensing system, software and so on, shows the ability of cross boundary resources integration. Only through mutual cooperation in different fields can we complete the final product that meets the requirements. Mr. Zhou Xiang, vice president of Shanghai Zhao Guan lighting industry Co., Ltd. (WELLMAX), pointed out that in the era of rapid renewal and replacement of technology and products, the ability to integrate resources has become the key to the growth and progress of enterprises, and cross-border cooperation has also become the only way for the development of intelligent lighting.

Because of the limitations of single lighting enterprises to promote the intelligent lighting industry, more and more cross-border cooperation cases have emerged. Xin Nuo and HUAWEI, millet signed cooperation agreement to promote home intelligent lighting; OPPLE lighting hand in hand with HUAWEI to release intelligent lighting system; NVC and Haier home dabbled in smart home to build ecological environment; sunshine lighting with Jingdong to practice Internet +LED lighting and so on.——LED intelligent lighting

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