Phase II Landscape Lighting Reconstruction On Both Sides Of Huangpu River In Shanghai Is About To Be Implemented

- Mar 20, 2019-

Shanghai Greening Municipal Appearance Bureau recently revealed that the second phase of landscape lighting renovation on both sides of Huangpu River will soon be implemented. This year, Shanghai will basically complete the transformation and upgrading of landscape lighting from Xupu Bridge to both sides of the Pujiang River at Wusongkou. At that time, the one-way distance of Huangpu River night landscape light path will exceed 40 kilometers.

In 2018, in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Committee and Municipal Government for the international "highest standard and best level" of tenders, Shanghai launched the night scene upgrading project of the Huangpu River Core Section (Yangpu Bridge to Nanpu Bridge), including the construction, reconstruction and centralized control system of 388 important buildings on both banks between four river-crossing bridges, Yangpu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge, 16 wharfs and nearly 20 kilometers of coastline landscape lighting. Unified construction, etc.

At the end of October last year, the project was completed on schedule, including more than 140,000 sets of lamps and lanterns, more than 50,000 meters of light bands, more than 600 sets of control terminals and other installation and debugging tasks. The brilliant Pujiang Night View appeared during the first China International Import Expo, and was widely praised by domestic and foreign tourists.

With the Oriental Pearl as the core, the overall effect of small Lujiazui buildings should be combined with the current situation. Some of the buildings with conditions will be upgraded through intelligent penetration to adjust and improve the bright and disharmonious lights of some buildings, so that the building lights can be integrated with the whole. The centralized control of the building lighting in the small Lujiazui area can be realized through the centralized control system, the small Lujiazui district. Domain building lighting moderate linkage change.

With the Oriental Pearl as the center of vision, the exterior lighting of buildings in Jinmao Tower, global financial center and Shanghai center, together with regular color changes and rhythms, emit the modern architecture's ethereal and transparent charm, showing the night scene effect of fashion vitality, vitality and glory. Xiao Lujiazui's modern buildings based on warm white light and the Bund's modern buildings based on warm yellow light are shining on both sides of the Pujiang River.

According to the "Huangpu River Cross-Strait Landscape Lighting Overall Plan" and the "Three-year Task, Two-year Basic Completion" plan, in 2019, the city will basically complete the task of upgrading the landscape lighting from Xupu Bridge to Wusongkou Pujiang Cross-Strait. At that time, the one-way distance of the Huangpu River night landscape light path will exceed 40 kilometers, which will be a great pleasure to the eyes.