PHILPS Lighting North America Adds Two Generals To Help LED Agricultural Lighting.

- Apr 15, 2018-

    A few days ago, PHILPS lighting announced that the company's North American agricultural LED Lighting Solutions Division has added two employees, Ries Neuteboom and Jan Chechalk, to become members of the North American support team to focus on High-yield and efficient fruit and vegetable crops. Among them, Neuteboom served as the main customer manager, and Chechalk served as a plant expert to study tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper.

According to PHILPS lighting Ron DeKok, manager of the North American agriculture department, Ries Neuteboom has worked in Europe with innovative growers that have adopted LED technology. He can provide LED expertise and impart professional knowledge to North American growers without reservation.

    It is reported that Ries Neuteboom graduated from Applied Science Department of Holland Rotterdam University. Since 2013, he has been working at PHILPS lighting, when he was the main customer manager of PHILPS's agricultural lighting in the benelu area, and under his leadership, commercial growers successfully adopted agricultural lighting technology. After that, he will be in charge of a high-yield and efficient fruit and vegetable segmentation market in western North America, and research crops including berries, lettuce, green leafy vegetables and special crops.

   Jan Chechalk has a rich experience in crop cultivation. He worked at Amco and W Martens greenhouse in Ontario, Canada, to cultivate tomatoes, high yield and high efficiency and traditional cucumbers. He also worked in the production of ornamental plants in Greenhouse Inc, Lakeshore, Bayview and Cederway Floral of Ontario province. In addition, Jan Chechalk completed the greenhouse technology project at Niagara College, Canada.

   Ron DeKok said that as a new member of the PHILPS plant expert global team, while trying to optimize crop production, Jan Chechalk can see and understand the challenges faced by the growers with the experience of its education and greenhouse cultivation, and he will share with growers that LED lighting has been confirmed to crops. The benefits.

(The article comes from LEDinside)