Planning At The End Of 2018 Key Words Of The Year For Lighting Industry

- Jan 02, 2019-

In 2018, the boundaries are breaking and everything is changing rapidly. These changing temperaments of the times require us to break the rules and re-examine everything. In the past 40 years, China has undergone tremendous changes. New problems inevitably arise in the journey of LED industry, and new development will inevitably face new challenges. At the same time, integration and symbiosis are the essence of what should be, and adapting to the times is the future. LED lighting enterprises are discussing and advancing while making innovative breakthroughs.——Emergency lamp

The Aladdin News Center summarized the top ten key words of the year for lighting industry. Perhaps through these hot words, you can feel the pressure of lighting enterprises and see their courage in facing difficulties.——Emergency lamp

trade war

Many professionals have told the media that the trade war has not had a great impact on the lighting industry, but in fact, it has no direct impact. As the saying goes, there is no egg under the cover of the nest, even if the real estate of the pillar industry has cooled down, who can really stay out? De-leveraging leads to the increasingly difficult financing of private enterprises, and the rising cost of financing, which is the direct cause of the decline in net profit of many enterprises, coupled with the reduction of infrastructure projects, for the enterprises that have worked hard in the PPP mode before, it is even more fragile. The market value of LED lighting enterprises is now less than 50 billion, more than half of the evaporation, the knife can be said to be cut to all lighting enterprises.——Emergency lamp


Influenced by the stock market disaster in 2015, the state issued policies to encourage listed companies to purchase, which triggered a wave of acquisitions in the lighting industry. In 2018, the performance of the target companies expired, which caused a series of problems. Lack of in-depth integration of gambling acquisitions, the deterioration of the economic environment, the ability to withstand risks is obviously weak, coupled with the negative effects of impairment of goodwill, resulting in a large number of corporate performance deterioration. Previously, the blind leveraged buyout also opened a gap in the enterprise's capital chain, resulting in the rupture of the enterprise's capital chain, and eventually led to some enterprises to change ownership.——Emergency lamp

pledge of stock rights

In recent years, more and more shareholders of listed companies obtain cash flow through equity pledge, almost to the extent of "no shares without pledge". In the LED industry, most of the listed companies have pledged their shares, including 9 companies whose pledge ratio is more than 80%. Influenced by this year's bear market, the risk of equity pledge market has erupted centrally, and listed companies have generally fallen into liquidity dilemma, facing the risk of bursting positions, which has a serious negative impact on the stability and healthy development of the entire financial market and the real economy. The state attaches great importance to this, calls for the suspension of securities dealers to strengthen the peace and promulgate relevant policies, and also allocates real gold, silver and silver gangs to alleviate short-term liquidity risk. Even so, many enterprises eventually change ownership because of the breakdown of the capital chain.——Emergency lamp


When the economy is in crisis, wealth is father. Although it is not economic crisis, it is also an indisputable fact that the environment is getting worse and worse. In the second half of the year, the money shortage became more and more serious, and the anxiety of finding money spread to all lighting business managers. On the one hand, it is more and more difficult for banks to borrow money, and the cost is higher and higher. On the other hand, the assets in hand are depreciating. The three-quarter report shows that the proportion of enterprises with declining revenue and net profit has soared rapidly to 50%.——Emergency lamp


Since this year, affected by stock price trends and policy changes, A-share listed companies have increased the amount of repurchase for equity incentives and market value management. More than 1,000 companies have announced their share repurchase plans, and 714 companies have implemented their share repurchase plans, with a total repurchase value of 44.307 billion yuan. The number of repurchase companies and the scale of repurchase have reached the highest level in history. The repurchase amount of Liade, Dazu Laser, Sanan Optoelectronics, Zhaochi Stock and other enterprises in the LED industry amounts to 300 million yuan. From a positive point of view, when industrial capital has been repurchased, the spring of A shares may not be far away.——Emergency lamp

Light art

Light art includes many general generalizations about the artistic and deductive effects of lighting. In the past two years, light festivals and light shows have been developing rapidly. Lighting festivals around the world take turns to show lights, and there is a feeling of "you sing me out". Because of the promotion of the country's night tour economy, we can all feel that every city is making night scenery lighting, and business enterprises have smelled business opportunities from it. But to make the lighting artistic, fashionable and fresh, and to make the audience satisfied and accepted, this can make business headaches for a long time. Whether there are any new ways to play in the field of light art in 2019 remains to be seen.——Emergency lamp

Wen Brigade

Since 2016, when the state proposed the development of characteristic towns, characteristic towns seem to have set off a hurricane in the cultural and tourism industry. When people did not respond, they have emerged as spring leek crop after crop in people's vision. The success of the development and operation of the cultural tourism project depends not only on the favorable national policies, but also on the "face" of the people. Characteristic towns are good outlets and breakthroughs for cultural and tourism industries, but when "no characteristic" becomes the feature of small town projects, when operators think that the project will be completed by throwing money, and when the whole industry thinks that the characteristic towns have been successfully laid out steadily and comprehensively, a "death list" has been quietly prepared at the same time.——Emergency lamp

Multi pole integration

Under the wave of building smart cities throughout the country, the first step to create an orderly, clean and beautiful high-quality urban environment is to carry out road pole renovation. Among them, the greatest action should be the renovation of road poles in Shanghai. As the premise of the development of smart lamp pole, "multi-pole integration" lays the foundation for the future realization of the wisdom of roads and cities. In 2018, many governments have issued relevant policies to promote the development of smart light industry. After clarifying the relationship between government power and responsibility management, clarifying the operation mode, and formulating relevant technical application standards and norms, the smart light industry will have a great deal of "action".——Emergency lamp

Special lighting

With the gradual withdrawal of international giants from the general lighting market to the subdivision of the field, some special application areas began to receive attention. Osram stripped off general lighting to push automobile lighting, causing the industry to enter the automotive lighting boom. Local brands such as Sanan Optoelectronics, Crystal Energy Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Foshan Lighting, Hongli Zhihui and other enterprises have entered. Hongli Zhihui is more favored by foreign capital because of its development potential in the field of automotive lighting, and eventually becomes a national brand enterprise. Medical lighting, face recognition and so on have also been rapidly warmed up by Philips and Osram.——Emergency lamp


If 2018 is the outbreak year of lighting landscape, EPC must not be ignored in project engineering. As a construction mode conforming to the development of construction engineering, EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) has great vitality. Since 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions have vigorously promoted the implementation of EPC mode in lighting design and engineering units. A new upsurge of general contracting and project management has arrived.——Emergency lamp

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