Power And Characteristics Of LED Tube

- Apr 02, 2018-

  Generally speaking, energy-saving lamps are only about 20% of ordinary incandescent bulbs. "Some good quality brand energy-saving LED lamp life can reach 10,000 hours, poor product life expectancy of 1000 hours or so, some even lit 20 minutes will burn out, life expectancy is less than a candle." LED bulb

    "Good energy-saving lamps, the use of high efficiency three phosphor fluorescent powder, better use of water coating powder coating process, and the quality of energy-saving lamp, the use of halogen powder tube, such as the low price, but short life, light efficiency." ”LED bulb

     UV ink is the use of different wavelengths and energy of ultraviolet light, so that the ink Connector monomer polymerization into a polymer ink varieties. In recent years, the development of UV ink is more rapid, in the printing and packaging industry has become more and more widely used. In the printing process, we most need to pay attention to is the curing effect of ink, surface reverse adhesion, ink adhesion factors, these factors are closely related. Any one of these factors does not do well, will affect the final printing effect. In these several factors, the most important thing is the ink adhesion.LED Tube

    In the actual printing, through the UV lamp power regulation, in order to achieve the most appropriate effect to print, the actual use of UV lamp wavelength and power should meet UV ink sensitive wavelength range. Of course, for different brands of UV inks applicable to the UV wavelength is not the same, if the selection of the wavelength of the lamp is not within a specific range, will affect the UV ink curing effect. General UV lamp configuration power in 80~120w/cm around, in this range, the majority of UV inks are more applicable.LED Tube

    So in order to achieve the most appropriate effect to print, UV lamp power selection must be good off.LED Tube