Product Quality Start School, Which Kind Of Eye Protection Lamp Should I Buy? Shanghai Evaluation Of 28 Reading And Writing Desk Lamps, 3 Hidden Dangers, 1 Large Problems

- Sep 03, 2018-

In the opening season of the year, desk lamps are essential for children, and there are so many desk lamps on the market that parents are at a loss. For children who are learning to absorb knowledge and nourishment day and night, choose a good lamp and protect their eyes to see the future. But which kind of "eye protection lamp" has better quality? Which one is more suitable for your children?——LED Eye protection

In August 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision inspected 28 well-known reading and writing desk lamps on the market.——LED Eye protection

Testing brands include PHILPS, OPPLE lighting, good eyesight, Yeelight and other consumer familiar brands.

Price distribution, the product covers the middle and low-grade, including the price of 200 yuan below the desk lamp 3 batches, 200 yuan - 500 yuan desk lamp 13 batches, 500 yuan above the desk lamp 12 batches.——LED Eye protection

The quality evaluation samples were tested from four main indicators: photobiological safety, scintillation, illumination level, general color index. Too professional inconvenience to remember, it does not matter, quality supervision Jun four main indicators are summed up in six words - "safe, comfortable, real".——LED Eye protection

The test results showed that the blue light and illumination of Yeelight, Panasonic and Hashibao all reached the highest quality level, and the display index was above 95, showing excellent performance.

It is noteworthy that the hazards of three types of blue light, namely, Benji, Liangliang and Reiss, have reached the low-risk level. The illuminance of 10 types of desk lamps, such as OSRAM, Reiss, Benji and Nurse Children, has not reached the A level. Among them, the color index of one type of Erlang desk lamp is only 70.8, which makes the color display of the object distorted.——LED Eye protection

Interpretation of indicators:

Key words: Safety

Indicator: retinal blue light hazard

Conclusion: the 25 lamps are excellent blue light without damaging the eyes.

The blue light of a desk lamp is believed to cause damage to the retina of the eye. In fact, Blu ray exists in our side. There is blue light in the sunlight of nature. In addition, Blu ray exists widely in computers, mobile phones, televisions, neon lights, and car lights.——LED Eye protection

The International Lighting Society classifies retinal Blu-ray hazards into four categories: risk-free (RG0), low-risk (RG1), moderate-risk (RG2) and high-risk (RG3).——LED Eye protection

The results showed that 25 of the 28 desk lamps, including Hasbro, Yeelight, Mei and Opel, were RG0 (no danger), while 3 of the benchmark lamps, Liang Liang and Rex were RG1 (low danger).——LED Eye protection

Expert interpretation:

Yang Hui, a professor-level senior engineer of the Municipal Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology, who was in charge of the evaluation project, indicated that:

GB / T 9473 - 2017 "Reading and Writing Desk Lamp Performance Requirements" stipulates that the category of blue light hazards should not exceed RG0. It is recommended that children and adolescents choose RG0 (no risk) products.——LED Eye protection

However, consumers need not worry too much about the harm of blue light desk lamp, the harm of blue light and eye distance, the farther away from the human body, the less harm. Because reading and writing desk lamp can move freely, parents should pay attention to keeping the distance between desk lamp and children, do not be too close, and look directly at the light source does not exceed 100s, will not cause retinal blue light harm.——LED Eye protection

Keywords two: comfort

Indicators: flashing, illumination level (shading, illumination and uniformity of illumination)

Conclusion: the illumination level of the 10 lamps is not up to grade A, which is easy to cause visual fatigue.——LED Eye protection

In addition to Blu ray, parents should also pay attention to three indicators: flicker, illumination and illuminance uniformity.——LED Eye protection

Illumination can be simply understood as that the lamp is not bright enough, the bigger the value, the better. The uniformity of illumination is that the illumination is not uniform enough, and the smaller the value, the more uniform.——LED Eye protection

The national standard has made requirements for the illumination and evenness of the desk lamps, and is divided into two grades, A and AA. The AA level is higher than the A-level in illumination.——LED Eye protection

The results show that Yeelight, Hashibao, Panasonic, Anette and Philips have reached AA level, while Osram, Rex, Benji, and Child Care have not reached A level.——LED Eye protection

In 2017, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision also conducted a quality assessment of 45 types of desk lamps, at that time, only one lamp reached the AA level requirements. In contrast, the quality of table lamp products on the market this year has been greatly improved, indicating that the awareness of manufacturers in this area has been greatly strengthened.——LED Eye protection

Keywords three: Reality

Indicator: general color rendering index

Conclusion: the color index of the 10 lamps is excellent, and a product is less than 80.

The general color rendering index is an indicator of color authenticity. The higher the general color rendering index is, the closer the object color under such lighting is to the true color.——LED Eye protection

Of the 28 types of desk lamp tested, 10 types of desk lamp show excellent color index, especially Hasbro, Yeelight, LED ISUN, Tencent children, Darren and other products, color index as high as 90, not inferior to imported brands. It is worth mentioning that the color index of Xiao Erlang brand lamp is only 70.8, which is lower than the requirement of Ra 80.——LED Eye protection

Expert interpretation:

Yang Hui, Professor-level Engineer of Municipal Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology and Deputy Director of State Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai), explains the "pseudo-concept" in desk lamps for everyone.——LED Eye protection

(1) "eye protection lamp".

In fact, the state has not yet given a standard and definition for eye protection lamp, "eye protection" is only a commercial speculation and marketing means. The so-called eye lamp, in fact, is a reading lamp, the scientific name can be called "reading and writing desk lamp" or "visual homework desk lamp".——LED Eye protection

(2) "no strobe".

All light sources operating on alternating current power produce flickers (known as strobes), so no strobes exist.

(3) "mobile phone strobe".

Widely used in the society is a way of using mobile phone cameras to check whether there are strobe lights on the desk lamps. In fact, this method is not reliable, because the mobile camera is scanned by CMOS line by line, if the shutter time of the mobile phone is less than 1/50s, stroboscopic lamp will have water ripple, but the shutter time is automatically matched in the automatic mode of the mobile phone, and different settings of the mobile phone, so the result is not the same. The same. Even if the mobile phone tests "flash", but the lamp may also be eligible.——LED Eye protection

Recommendations for purchase and use

1. select the blue light hazard for RG0 lamp, you can pay attention to the blue light hazard level on the table lamp.

2. select the illuminance of AA rated lamps. Especially if you need to work under the lamp for a long time, it is recommended to choose a high level of illumination lamp to protect vision.

3. Choose a table lamp with high color rendering index. When parents choose a table lamp for their children, the color rendering index is generally greater than 80. If they want to paint under the table lamp, which requires high color, it is recommended to buy products with color rendering index greater than 90.

4. Use desk lamp reading and writing, to open the room at the same time other lamps and lanterns, to create a comfortable light space environment, to avoid strong contrast between lighting.


No lamp can really protect the eyes. What is needed to protect the eyes is adequate outdoor exercise, good reading habits, adequate nutrition and a safe light environment.——LED Eye protection

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision and Technology, together with Shanghai Lighting Electrical Industry Association, is carrying out the "reading and writing desk lamp" product quality improvement action, please pay attention to the follow-up activities.——LED Eye protection

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