Q1 OLED Sales In 2018 Amounted To $5 Billion 900 Million, An Increase Of 39% Over The Same Period Last Year.

- Jul 11, 2018-

Recently, DSCC, the world's authoritative authoritative information agency, announced the first quarter of 2018, "OLED quarterly shipments and Fab Utilization Report". In the first quarter of 2018, the industry continued to grow, and OLED's total sales amounted to US $5 billion 900 million, up 39% from the same period last year. We expect annual revenue to reach US $26 billion 950 million.——OLED

OLED panel revenue in -2018 2016

In application, smart phones are still the most important application direction of the OLED panel. The smartphone OLED panel accounts for 88% of the revenue of the OLED panel, 7% for OLED, and 2.3% for smart watches.——OLED

It is worth noting that the domestic OLED panel company in the first quarter of 2018, the market share of a substantial increase, market share among the world's third, up 425%, following Samsung and LG, to occupy the top position of the domestic panel manufacturers.——OLED

OLED panel shipments in -2018 2016

Since last year, the domestic full screen market has completely broken out, and mobile phone brands at home and abroad have launched their comprehensive screen new machines, and the market penetration will continue to improve. The AMOLED screen is famous for its large visual angle, high contrast, fast response speed and good seismic performance. Especially, flexible AMOLED has many characteristics and perfect fit of comprehensive screen, which has become the focus of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers.——OLED

In the future, smart phones will still be the main application of OLED panels. DSCC predicts that in 2022, shipments of smart phones will reach 91%, and revenue will reach 79%. Smart watches are still the second largest applications, and TV will continue to be the second largest revenue application. By 2022, TV panel revenue will increase to $6 billion 200 million, or OLED TV will account for 11% of all OLED panel shipments.——OLED

Smart phone panel shipments by technology and shape factors

The DSCC report predicts that the OLED mobile panel shipment volume (rigid, flexible and collapsible) will exceed LCD in 2021. In the long run, global OLED panel revenue will continue to grow at a two digit growth rate, reaching a peak of 32% in 2020, and increased to $57 billion 200 million by 2022.——OLED

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