Red One Hundred Appearance At LFI 2018 International Lighting Exhibition, High-power LED Products Focus!

- May 13, 2018-

On 2018 08-10 05, red one hundred lighting was unveiled at the 2018 LFI lighting exhibition in Chicago, USA. The United States International Lighting Exhibition, sponsored by the North American Lighting Engineering Association and the International Association for lighting design, is the largest international lighting exhibition in the United States and the most concentrated visitor in the United States. It is also the world's most influential lighting industry exhibition.

In the United States International Lighting Exhibition, red one hundred lighting focuses on the high power LED stud industrial and mining products, corn lamp products and super high performance cost-effective small bubble products. Red one hundred has been concentrating on the design and development of high-power LED products, the key display of the snail lamp series, the application of the mesoporous convection heat dissipation technology, the whole lamp heat dissipation capacity increased by more than 30%, easy to install, light and lampshade free combination, the unique long neck design, can be easily put into a variety of high shed lamps and lanterns, perfect Instead of industrial and mining lamps, metal halide lamps and other traditional industrial lighting products, it is the first choice for large space lighting such as factory warehouses.

Red one hundred new generation of plastic aluminum coating lamp, high heat dissipation DPT layer, enhanced heat dissipation coefficient, better heat dissipation, use special lamp shade, card buckle design, simple installation, application of intelligent temperature control technology, to ensure that the light source is not used over temperature, is the first choice of the street shop, shops and other bright places. S5 corn lamp products also used the most advanced high-power technology of red one hundred, using wide angle and omni-directional luminescence design, no dark area without dead angle, multi lamp design, more uniform luminescence.

Red one hundred A3 single bubble lamp monthly sales volume 15 million, fully automatic production line Seiko, the new generation of plastic aluminum material, constant current constant pressure design, super high cost performance products, products are popular in Europe and the United States and other more than 60 countries, well received.

"The on-site customers are very concerned about the high power snail industrial and mining products, which shows the customers' recognition of the high quality and high-power LED expert status of Hong Yi hundred. Hong Yi hundred has always adhered to the extreme product doctrine, dug customers and the market demand, and do the customers' favorite products. So we hope to find us at present! We hope. We share the latest achievements of our product development with more customers and lead the market together, "said Tom, director of red one booth.