Reflection And Analysis On The Development Process Of LED Lighting Industry Unencapsulated

- Sep 19, 2018-

Some people in the industry have said that the LED industry does not lack technology and products, it lacks market.

Among them, the technology of LED industry has been updated continuously in recent years. The emergence of "three nos" technology, such as no packaging, no power supply, and no heat dissipation, has attracted the attention of the industry and aroused public opinion.

Some people in the industry have expressed their views: the emergence of these technologies will pose a threat to the original technology, which will make the living space of manufacturers increasingly compressed;

Some people say that these technologies are still conceptual at the moment, and they can't capture the market quickly or dramatically in a short period of time. Besides, the application field is narrow and there are still many things to be solved at the application technology level.

Time is running out. Are these "three nos" products in the industry "startlingly obvious" or pragmatic first?

Therefore, this newspaper will do a reflection "three no" technical product series planning, this period we will first of all reflect and analyze the development process of "no packaging".


No packaging technology promotes industrial chain integration

Unencapsulated has been a hot topic in the LED industry since 2013.

In the industry, "no packaging" is also called free packaging, chip - level packaging.

In fact, the so-called no not really save packaging links, but will be part of the encapsulation process in advance to the chip process stages, namely USES the flip chip sealing to encapsulate directly at the bottom of the solder, no gold, no stent, simplify the production process, reduce production costs, packaging size can be made smaller, and the same package size can provide more power, is the chip scale packaging.

As no packaging technology can greatly reduce the cost, LED major companies, including Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, have launched similar chip packaging LED products.

It is understood that the advantages of unencapsulated devices lie in the simplification and miniaturization of the packaging of individual devices, which can reduce the material cost of each device as much as possible.

In addition, the production capacity of unencapsulated mass production is very large, so as to meet the demand of explosive growth in the market and drive down the cost of components through large-scale production effect.

In addition, no encapsulation technology mainly have three kinds of technology solutions: one is LED wafer scribing first, and then to flip chip pasted on a circuit substrate material has been produced, and then to other encapsulation process, finally scribing, lobes are single or more LED modules, this is the most popular way, also be more mature technology.

Second, after the LED wafer is metallized, the inverted LED chip is made by scratch, and then the front and four sides of the inverted LED chip are covered with fluorescent layer material to achieve the purpose of packaging, which can be directly applied to the downstream lamps.

This method is a common practice in the market at present, and it is also the direction of various LED factories to develop.

Thirdly, after the completion of the metal electrode, the LED epitaxial wafer is directly coated with phosphor at the wafer pole. After cutting and splitting, no encapsulation is realized. This process route is of great technical difficulty and is still in the early stage of industrialization.

For no packaging, the industry has long been controversial, some thumb up, some with a neutral attitude.

Samsung LED China gm guo-qing tang believes that without the birth of the packaging to the upstream chip enterprises direct docking downstream application, has realized the integration of industrial chain and shorten, in the long run will reduce the circulation cost, enterprise can according to their own needs of lamps and lanterns to select the appropriate light source to carry on the design, the innovative design of lamps and lanterns will be completely liberated.

And after extensive application, cost advantage will be bigger and bigger, social benefit also will be more and more apparent.

Some people in the industry believe that no packaging sacrifices the simplicity of the original mature technology and increases the complexity of chip making, which is not conducive to the yield of production. The yield of production will offset the cost advantage to some extent and is not fully compatible with the existing industrial ecological chain.

And the original production equipment is not applicable, but will increase the cost of new equipment acquisition, and to explore the new process.

As a result, LED chips cannot really be "unencapsulated."

Can not change the fate of the traditional sealing factory

At present, the competition in the whole industry is extremely fierce, and the price of the products in the industry is on a downward trend, and the gross profit of the manufacturer is shrinking day by day. How to reduce the cost becomes an objective condition that cannot be ignored by the manufacturer in the research and development technology.

Without encapsulation technology of promoting the cost reduction is obviously the most attractive aspect of advantage, also represents the LED packaging industry the forefront of technology, it can not only save a part of encapsulation link, and has good concentration, high reliability, the advantages of the optical control flexible, is placed after the cost of a breakthrough.

However, as this kind of stent-free and gold-free packaging technology can be directly completed by chip enterprises, packaging enterprises need to actively explore more living space upstream or downstream, such as using years of experience in the field of packaging to complete some processes in cooperation with chip enterprises.

At the same time, due to the large amount of capital needed for equipment upgrading, if smes cannot catch up with the pace of technological upgrading in time, or the capital chain cannot support equipment upgrading, they may be eliminated.

Tang guoqing believed that from the current development mode, the industry development will move from the mode of "1+1+1=3" (chip plant + sealing plant + application business) to the mode of "1+1=3" (chip plant + application business), leaving out the middle "1", that is, sealing plant, which seems to be vertically integrated in the LED industry chain.

However, despite the "coming trend" of unencapsulated chips, the wave sweeping traditional packaging enterprises has also caused a "panic" among packaging enterprises, wondering: will traditional packaging enterprises disappear because of the emergence of unencapsulated technology?

The reporter also interviewed many enterprises on this issue, ask them to talk about how to view the emergence and development of non-packaging technology.

The reporter got the answer that unencapsulated now looks impossible to abandon the life of traditional encapsulation, and develop from LED industry up to now, did not one kind of encapsulation technology completely replace another kind of encapsulation technology.

Also have individual manufacturer to confess, did not know to do not have package technology, so cannot evaluate.

Next step is the trend of packaging technology

Compared with the overall packaging market size, no packaging advantages, but still weak.

According to the market survey, currently there is no large-scale application of unencapsulated technology in mainstream general lighting products, and the domestic large-scale production of manufacturers are also very few.

The reporter understands in the interview, the majority of the personage inside course of study says, no packaging technology whether stunt, or technical innovation, actually for lighting technology not only requires innovation, also need to consider whether the new technology can get fully exploit applied in wider fields, such as measure without packaging technology is mature or not, what is important is whether real maturely applied to enterprise products.

Otherwise, it's just a concept technology, a niche technology innovation.

Perhaps, the current market share of unencapsulated technology is small, there is no mass implementation in circulation lighting, and there is no cost reduction due to scale effect.

However, it is undeniable that the appearance of the package manufacturers really hit the lead, giving the industry a profound technical debate and reflection, and it is also the next trend of packaging technology.