Rex Lighting Intends To Sell Finished Products And Raw Materials Such As LED Lamps To Sichuan Rex Lighting Company.

- Dec 24, 2018-

Yesterday evening, Rex Lighting issued a number of announcements, one of which concerns the signing of a framework agreement with Sichuan Rex, and another concerns personnel changes.——LED Christmas light

According to the announcement, Reiss Lighting signed two framework agreements with Sichuan Reiss Lighting on December 20. One is the sales framework agreement. The company agrees to sell the finished products and raw materials (including but not limited to LED lamps) to Sichuan Rex and its contacts. The other is the framework agreement for transportation and warehousing services. The company agrees to provide transportation and warehousing services to Sichuan Rex and its contacts.——LED Christmas light

It is reported that Sichuan Reiss is mainly engaged in designing and providing indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Both framework agreements have been in force for three years since January 1, 2019.——LED Christmas light

In addition, Raytheon Lighting announced that in order to invest more time in other affairs, Mr. Li Wei has resigned as a non-executive director of Raytheon Lighting, a member of the Compensation Committee and a member of the Strategic and Planning Committee, effective from December 20, 2018.——LED Christmas light

According to the data, the members of the board of directors include: executive directors Wang Donglei, Wang Dongming, Xiao Yu, Wang Dun and Chen Jianxue; non-executive directors Li Huating and Ye Yong; independent non-executive directors Li Gangwei, Wang Xuexian, Wei Hongxiong and Suling.——LED Christmas light

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