Ride The Wind And Waves To Create A Better Future

- Feb 12, 2019-

Time and tide wait for no man.

Blink of an eye to the 2019 lunar New Year, vientiane renewal.

Looking back at 2018, the LED industry has mixed feelings.

Hi has made certain progress in new and old technologies (chip, packaging, display, lighting) in the industry. Mini/Micro LED, auto lighting, plant lighting, IR/UV LED, health lighting and other emerging niche markets have been further developed, bringing new profit growth points for manufacturers.

Due to the bad environment at home and abroad, the global economic recession, especially the tariff caused by trade friction, LED industry development is not as expected.

However, even if there are many thorns on the road of LED development, it should also face up to them.

In 2018, LEDinside delivered a good report card.

On the one hand, LEDinside followed the trend of industrial development and held the seminar on new display industry and the global Micro LED cutting-edge technology conference, which comprehensively interpreted the development status and future trend of Micro LED, Mini LED, small spacing LED and other new display technologies.

On the other hand, the annual LED market analysis will be for the industry "tailored" a number of hot topics.

For example, in the era of great changes, the influence of trade frictions on the LED industry pattern and other aspects, as well as the considerable analysis of the new blue ocean market of the LED industry.

It also includes the forecast and interpretation of market segments such as automotive lighting, IR/UV, health lighting and plant lighting.

Each meeting is full of popularity, highly praised.

In addition, LEDinside publishes semi-annual silver level report (global LED lighting market trend), gold level/gold level + member report (LED supply chain database), thematic report (chip and package, Micro LED, UV LED, IR LED, automotive lighting, display screen, etc.).

It provides nearly 2000 pieces of information, including LEDinside analysis and comments, industry information, price trend, exhibition site attack, enterprise interview, etc.

As an authoritative global research institution, LEDinside has a history of about 12 years since its establishment. It always focuses on providing global LED industry news, relevant data, LED application, price and buying and selling information, as well as providing LED industry analysis and comments and interviews.

LEDinside thanks for your attention all the time. Your encouragement and support is a powerful driving force for LEDinside to move forward!

In 2019, LEDinside will continue to ride the waves together.

In view of the new market development trend, LEDinside will hold a special analysis meeting of UV LED, new display and other market segments in 2019.

At that time, LEDinside analysts and industry experts will continue to share with you about the current development of these LED segments and future growth space.

Finally, LEDinside wishes you all good health, a happy family, all the best and every success in the year of the pig!