Riyad Double Wheel Drive To Lead The LED Industry

- Jul 26, 2018-

In March 2018, Lyad group (hereinafter referred to as Lyad) took the lead in developing Supersafe technology for changing LED display products, and introduced the Mini LED with the minimum distance between the world. Li Yad, chairman of Li Jun, introduced the first LED small distance technology, its Supersafe technology through nanomaterials, special technology to the conventional small space LED display double surface treatment, to solve the product weather resistance, knock, static, blue light radiation and other problems, promote small spacing products into the family, but also for the household The external application provides a new scheme.

Subsequently, Riad put Germany's top screen system supplier eweisi into the command, the global layout of the next city. Through the acquisition, Riad continued to expand the European market and form a global market layout dominated by North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Through original technology and international two wheel drive, Riad is actively developing world-class audio-visual technology group. According to the agency report, in 2017, Riad occupied 14% of the global LED display market share.

"The original force is the vitality of the enterprise"

On July 15th, the closing ceremony of the twenty-first Russian World Cup was held at the Luis Nicky stadium in Moscow. The actors held the screen to freeze the exciting moment of the world cup. These handheld screens are the BAtn series of Jin Li Xiang, which is under the flag of the Li yader group. With the outstanding performance of the material and design, China's "wisdom" makes the international stage again.

Photo: in the closing ceremony of the Russian World Cup in 2018, actors used Riad to hold the screen to perform.

23 years ago, Riad started from a small company without products and technology, and quickly grew into a leader in the world's display field. What's the driving force?

Li Jun said: "in the high-tech industry, we can not survive without original technology. Originality is the vitality of technological enterprises." According to the introduction, the annual R & D expenditure of Riad reached 7% of sales revenue, much higher than that of other companies in the same industry.

Riad set up the intellectual property department earlier in the domestic company. Up to now, Yad has already had 1207 patents for application and authorization, including 165 international patents, 586 patent applications, 155 software copyright and 178 registered trademarks.

In 1998, Yad launched the first full color LED display in China; in 2010, lad launched the world's first high-definition LED small spacing TV; in 2015, Yad launched the world's first LED luminescent two pole tube co - Yin technology, achieving 30% energy saving; 2018 In 2003, Lyad pioneered the development of Supersafe technology and the global minimum spacing Mini LED display.

The National Day 50th anniversary celebrations, the National Day 60th anniversary celebrations, the commemoration of the victory of the war of resistance 70th anniversary, the "area one road" international cooperation peak forum, the BRICs summit, the Hangzhou G20 summit, the Qingdao summit and other important events, all of which appeared frequently.

Go out and participate in global competition

In Li Jun's view, Chinese science and technology enterprises should not only have original technology, but also have an international vision. Only by going out to participate in the global competition, enterprises can be bigger and stronger.

To this end, Yad actively layout the global, extensive international cooperation, through the implementation of the "go out" and "import" double line of international strategy, the introduction of the world's frontier technology, for the development of enterprises into a new impetus.

In 2015, Riad bought 100% of PLANAR in the US. PLANAR is a NASDAQ listed companies and a LED manufacturing company. Through this acquisition, the pace of internationalization has accelerated, and the status of the world leader in LED display has been further consolidated.

At the beginning of 2017, yader bought Naturalpoint, an American enterprise dedicated to optical tracking and motion capture solutions, to introduce the world's leading OptiTrack action capture products and systems into the Chinese market and integrate virtual reality technology into daily cultural entertainment consumption. Related programs have been applied to video preview, VR theme park, virtual studio, military simulation training and other projects.

Since 2014, Lyad has set up an international marketing network and has established Lyad branch in Europe, Brazil, the United States and Japan, and has built nearly 10000 LED display projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

At present, Yad has seven international marketing centers and three major production bases abroad. Foreign employees have reached more than 700 people. Since 2016, the ratio of overseas income has reached 30% - 40%. Lyad also actively participated in the construction of "one way and one way", and promoted the exchange of trade and culture and shared construction.