Ruifeng, Crystal Energy, Seoul Semiconductor And Other Manufacturers Executives Talk About Automotive LED Lighting.

- Oct 05, 2018-

According to the official report issued by the Ministry of Public Security, by the end of June 2018, there were 319 million vehicles nationwide, and 16.36 million new registered vehicles were registered in the first half of 2018, up from 15.94 million registered vehicles in the same period last year. With the sustained and rapid development of China's economy and society, motor vehicle ownership continues to maintain rapid growth.——LED Automobile lighting

The rapid growth of vehicle ownership brings about the rapid expansion of the automotive lighting market. Therefore, the prospect of automotive lighting is very promising, and many lighting manufacturers are competing in the field of layout.——LED Automobile lighting

Although the automotive lighting market is huge, there is an indisputable fact that more than half of the global automotive lighting market is monopolized by foreign or joint-venture automotive lighting giants, and in the packaging sector, the international first-line LED manufacturers occupy the majority of the market share.——LED Automobile lighting

In the face of a promising but highly monopolistic automotive lighting market, how do the domestic LED packaging enterprises layout? What are the difficulties encountered? What is the status of the automotive lighting market? With these problems, LED inside around automotive lighting interviews of major domestic LED enterprises, senior executives will be important statements collated into writing, to provide readers.——LED Automobile lighting

The development prospect of LED lighting for vehicles is to maintain high growth rate and wide market growth.——LED Automobile lighting

Zhang Shiming, assistant general manager of Ruifeng Optoelectronics Automotive Business Department, said: "With the development of smart cars and new energy vehicles, the use coverage of LED has been greatly improved, especially in the field of LED automotive lighting, the independent brand is actively introducing LED as a selling point of new models, from the previous high-end models to high-end models. And cover the middle and low grade cars. "——LED Automobile lighting

Yu Yu, deputy general manager of Yu Liang, also holds the same view. He believes that in recent years, the penetration rate of automotive lighting continues to increase, the imported models in the front-end market and domestic models are widely used LED light source, which makes the demand for automotive LED light source in the front-end market continue to grow, and the rear-end market is affected by the extensive application of LED light source in the front-end market and the refitting market in recent years. There is no small contribution. At present, vehicle lighting has maintained a relatively high growth rate compared to other lighting markets.——LED Automobile lighting

With the rapid development of vehicle LED lighting, its market scale is also developing. According to the latest "LED Supply and Demand Market Trends 2018" report of Chibang Consulting LED Research Center (LED in), the automotive LED market output value in 2017 was $2.868 billion, and by 2022 was expected to be $4.857 billion, with an annual composite growth rate of 11%. Among them, the strongest growth in long term is the output value of LED used in headlights, fog lamps and vehicle panels.——LED Automobile lighting

Therefore, in the future quite a long time, looking at the global scope, the automotive LED market is vast, growth is good, the profit trend has a lot of room to rise.——LED Automobile lighting

The market status of vehicle LED lighting: the pre installed market is highly monopolized, and the aftermarket competition is fierce.——LED Automobile lighting

Vehicle LED has always been the front market and rear market, the front market because of the entry threshold is high, has been Osram, Lumileds and other international lighting giants monopoly; rear market due to the entry threshold is relatively low, so it has become the layout of domestic LED enterprises "main battlefield", fierce competition. What are the views of executives in the automotive lighting market?——LED Automobile lighting

Dr. Xie Zhiguo, deputy general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronic White Light Devices Division, believes that the supply chain of front-loaded automobiles is ecologically conservative and the product certification time is long. At present, the supply of automotive components in the original plant is mostly monopolized by a few large international factories. With further technological breakthroughs and the continued strength of Chinese manufacturers, the market monopoly is expected to gradually be broken.——LED Automobile lighting

Seoul Semiconductor China Sales General Manager Yu Guanghui believes that the current automotive lighting market, the use of internal LED is relatively high, while the use of external decorations is still low, some involving the environment, HUD and headlights and other new technology applications, there will be greater growth.——LED Automobile lighting

Liang Fubo, general manager of Jingneng Optoelectronics (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., believes that the order of the front-end market will be better, and the rear-end market is relatively chaotic due to the low entry threshold. However, the automotive lighting market is huge, and the whole market is in the outbreak stage.——LED Automobile lighting

Yin Hui, deputy general manager of Ascending Spectrum Optoelectronics, believes that, in general, the high threshold of front mounting is the true standard of vehicle regulation, and the front mounting is the headlights and daylight headlights. At present, imported devices OSRAM, Lumileds, NICHIA accounted for the absolute market share, and in recent years, the Korean and Chinese Taiwan departments have made rapid progress, encroaching on the share of several people. Domestic strength-based packaging enterprises are also deploying troops in the front, but limited to brand weaknesses and lack of product lines and many other factors and slow entry, a long way to go. But in the long run, the rise of packaging enterprises in the mainland is the trend of the times, within 3-5 years will also be a few imported brands. After-loading threshold is low, the competition is very fierce, products are mainly reflected in COB, eutectic LED, and patch LED, and the lighting market has been very similar.——LED Automobile lighting

Mo Qingwei, vice president of LED R&D at DHL, believes that the automotive lighting market, both front and rear, is a market where challenges and opportunities coexist. With the stability and development of China's automobile industry, China's automobile lighting industry is also growing steadily.——LED Automobile lighting

Zhang Shiming, assistant general manager of Ruifeng Optoelectronics Automotive Business, believes that the leading suppliers are still concentrated in the first-tier foreign factories because of the long lead-in period and high quality risks. However, due to the accelerated progress of the joint venture brand, the local LED packaging enterprises'share of the interior lighting in the front-end market is increasing. In the past 1-2 years, it will overtake the big factories in foreign countries. Because of the low entry threshold, low quality requirements and relatively fierce competition, the main market share of the rear-end market is concentrated in the car light market. With the rapid growth of LED consumption in the front-end market, the application cost is also rapidly reducing, making the rear-end lamp market demand will continue to shrink, the rear-end market will be another red sea.——LED Automobile lighting

Chen Jiang, deputy general manager of Donghao Optoelectronics, believes that the automotive lighting market has developed vigorously in recent years. Since there is no complete technical standard in the afterloading market, the overall market competition is very fierce, and most packaging plants are aiming at this market. Because of the relatively complete technical standards in the front-loading market, most of the products in the front-loading market still use the large international brands of LED, but some mainstream packaging plants in China are constantly optimizing product performance, through the continuous precipitation in the back-loading market, the forward-loading market.——LED Automobile lighting

Liu Lin, director of photoelectric marketing at the same party, believes that LED lamps will be able to better replace traditional lamps and lanterns as the cost of high-power LEDs drops and the efficiency of light sources increases. At present, the proportion of LED lamp in China's automotive lighting market is only 5%, and there will be 95% of the lamp replacement space in the future, so the whole lamp market is considerable.——LED Automobile lighting

Layout of vehicle LED lighting: domestic LED enterprises accelerate layout, "rush to attack" vehicle market——LED Automobile lighting

At present, China is the world's largest LED manufacturing place, covering a complete industrial chain, domestic LED enterprises to develop automotive lighting has unique advantages. In view of the actual situation of each enterprise and their own development direction, the strategy and entry point of each enterprise are different in the layout of vehicle lighting.——LED Automobile lighting

Tiandian Optoelectronics Marketing Director Zhou Mengxian said that Tiandian is currently doing layout in a cooperative manner, and is actively cooperating with lamp manufacturers to try to enter vehicle lighting by design.——LED Automobile lighting

Seoul Semiconductor China Sales General Manager Yu Guanghui said that Seoul Semiconductor is very concerned about the global car market, not just China. So there's a huge skew in corporate architecture, staffing, R&D spending, and Seoul will focus on new technologies like WICOP, nPola, Pixel, Matrix.——LED Automobile lighting

Liang Fubo, general manager of Jingneng Optoelectronics (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., said that Jingneng has been laying out the automotive lighting market, increasing investment in research and development, introducing several experts in the field of automotive LED chips and packaging, and introducing a series of products, won the recognition of customers.——LED Automobile lighting

Moqingwei, vice president of LED R&D at DHL, said that DHL's LED chip and device Division has been working in the automotive field for five years, and now has formed a complete product line of automotive lighting sources, which can provide all lighting solutions for a vehicle.——LED Automobile lighting

Dr. Xie Zhiguo, deputy general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronic White Light Devices Department, said that Guoxing Optoelectronic has long maintained good cooperative relations with some international/domestic automotive manufacturers and their second-class lamp suppliers, is actively expanding the front-end market under the current trend of rapid development of the assembly and rear-end market, while the former-end market is the standard. Active layout and partial subdivision.——LED Automobile lighting

Yin Hui, deputy general manager of Ascending Spectrum Optoelectronics, said that Ascending Spectrum Optoelectronics takes LED packaging as the strategic development direction of the company, and has achieved certain results. Based on the company's supply chain foundation and resources such as front tail lights, steering lights, brake lights, etc., the company focuses on eutectic LED and other LED used in headlamps and daylight running lights. The research and development efforts, and successfully developed in 2016, through a number of front-loaded lamp factory partner testing and evaluation, and gradually began to supply in the second half of 2017. Now the LED products of vehicle are serialized. Later efforts will be made to increase interaction with the lamp factory and headlamp module factory.——LED Automobile lighting

Yuliang Photovoltaic Vice General Manager Shang Yu said that in recent years Yuliang Photovoltaic increased investment in research and development of automotive LED light sources, has developed a number of patch LED light sources, suitable for tail lights, brake lights, license plate lights, reading lights, daylight lights, atmosphere lights and other fields.——LED Automobile lighting

Zhang Shiming, assistant general manager of Ruifeng Optoelectronics Automotive Business Department, said that Ruifeng began to supply in batches in the front-loading market since 2006. Through self-construction and investment, Ruifeng has completed the complete industrial chain layout of R&D, manufacturing and sales services from automotive LED devices, modules, whole lamps to the application of vehicle lighting systems, and also Has won the similar Korean Hyundai Kia Automobile Factory praise, is currently the only one by Hyundai Kia Automobile Factory recognized by the domestic packaging plant.——LED Automobile lighting

Chen Jiang, deputy general manager of Donghao Optoelectronics, said that in the automotive lighting market, Donghao Optoelectronics as a product technology-based enterprises, now more through the advantages of products to stabilize the market. In view of the customer's needs, through technology development and precipitation, improve product types and improve product quality. The company has achieved a good share in the aftermarket through the CSP LED light source, on this basis, according to the market demand, the introduction of electrothermal isolation of ceramic eutectic products, to meet the needs of market development. In the process, LED light source, which meets the vehicle regulation requirements, has been introduced into the pre loading market.——LED Automobile lighting

Liu Lin, Director of Optoelectronics Marketing Department of the same party, said that the same party will focus on the development of assembly parts in the future, maintain superior product strength, service and support existing customers and manufacturers, while constantly expanding new areas and developing new customers.——LED Automobile lighting

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