Sales Of Liqing In The First Three Quarters Rose Year On Year, About 41.4 Million Additional Capital Shanghai Liqing

- Oct 12, 2018-

LED car light module plant liqing since the end of September combined revenue of 362 million yuan (new Taiwan dollar, the same below), up 0.88% per month, down 4.54% per year;

In the third quarter, consolidated revenue was $1.079 billion, up 5.15% in the quarter and 16.58% in the year.

Combined revenue of 31.63 billion yuan in the first September, up 17.07 percent year on year.

LiQing said the third quarter for the automotive industry traditional off-season, and affected by a trade war with China mainland consumer market, market sales decline, but thanks to its LED lamp module shipment overall steady, among them, the LED taillights module products have obvious was established for up to 20% of the revenue performance, is to inject LiQing overall quarterly revenue in buck the JiZeng, years of excellent result.

The new orders that liqing has received since the fourth quarter of last year have been gradually produced in the second half of this year. The main customers of liqing have increased their purchasing power and kept the overall capacity utilization rate above a certain level, in the hope that the overall operation can deliver a good growth performance in the fourth quarter of the industrial peak season.

In addition, li qing announced yesterday (11) that it plans to increase its capital by up to us $6,000,000 (approximately 41.4 million RMB) in cash.

Excellent lamp is produced by dalian xinghai science and technology.