Samsung Displays Its Latest 75-inch Micro LED Display Module

- Jan 08, 2019-

Samsung electronics unveiled its latest Micro LED display module at its annual First Look CES event in Las Vegas today.

Samsung's new Micro LED technology design includes a new 75-inch display that can be "spliced" into various sizes, shapes and configurations.

Samsung's Micro LED displays are known for their advanced self-illumination technology and modular features, providing unparalleled image quality, versatility and design.

The display is made up of multiple self-illumination Micro LED modules and contains millions of inorganic red, green and blue Micro LED chips that emit light and produce bright colors on the screen, providing unmatched image quality that exceeds anything currently on the market.

The modularity of samsung's Micro LED display provides flexibility in screen size.

By adding Micro LED modules, users can expand the display to any size they want, including irregular screen sizes like 9 3,1 7 or 5 1.

Samsung's Micro LED technology also optimizes content, regardless of screen size and shape.

Even with more modules, samsung's Micro LED display can be scaled to improve resolution while keeping pixel density constant.

In addition, Micro leds can support playback of content in all sizes, from standard 16:9 to 21:9 widescreen movies to unconventional sizes (such as 32:9 and even 1:1), while maintaining image quality.

Since there is almost no border between the modules, the Micro LED display is almost seamless and can create the effect of infinity pool.

LEDinside understand that the 75 - inch Micro LED display chip is used by the Taiwan 錼 gen (PlayNitride), and through the huge amount transfer technology to transfer Micro LED chip to the glass back to achieve the real Micro LED TV.

Compared with The Wall exhibited by samsung at CES last year, The 75-inch Micro LED TV has only 1/15 of The LED chip size in The past, and The PPI has increased by about 4 times.

Through the modular splicing method of the display, so that the future display applications have a broader imagination.