Samsung Works Together With Danish Enterprises To Develop MicroLED TV The Wall Upgrade Version.

- Jun 12, 2018-

Samsung works together with Danish enterprises to develop MicroLED TV The Wall upgrade version.

2018-06-11 11:49:23 [editor: nicolelee]

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In this year's CES 2018, Samsung has brought us a new The Wall television with a new Micro LED technology, the first 146 inch Micro LED modular TV. Recently, Samsung announced that it will work with Steinway Lyngdorf, Denmark's top audio company, to jointly develop the next generation of The Wall TV.

It is reported that the next generation The Wall TV is named The Wall Profession, the commercial version of The Wall TV. By co operating with Steinway Lyngdorf, The Wall Profession TV will be equipped with the manufactured speakers.

Based on Micro LED technology, the 146 inch TV's TheWall TV has no borders, and has no limitation in size, resolution or form, making it the best choice for commercial fields, such as hotels, museums and performing arts. Steinway Lyngdorf has Room Perfect technology, which is a tuning service designed for the sound system to adapt to the environment.

The senior vice president of the Samsung visual products business department said that, through collaboration with Steinway Lyngdorf, Samsung has created a new name in the display technology field and offers unparalleled, unique audio-visual experience for users.