San An Photoelectric Will Build The First Micro LED Production Line.

- Sep 05, 2018-

According to industry insiders, SAN Optoelectronics will set up the first production line of micro LED epitaxial wafers and chips in the first quarter of 2019.——Micro/Mini LED

According to the news, SAN has developed a 20 micron diameter Miero LED products; at the same time, SAN will also produce 4 micron LED and 10 micron LED flip chip.——Micro/Mini LED

Sanan has applied for 27 micro LED patents and plans to start producing micro LED products for smart wearable devices, large panels over 100 inches and small panels such as car taillights by the end of 2019.——Micro/Mini LED

Sources said that the brightness of green and blue micro LED chips has reached the required standards for television, while the brightness of red micro LED chips is below the standard, but this situation is expected to improve by September 2018. In addition, Sanan has now become the preferred supplier of Samsung Moni LED.——Micro/Mini LED

At the same time, Hua can optoelectronics has also entered the field of Mini LED and Micro LED. According to the source, Huacan Optoelectronics will begin production of MINILED backlighting products for smartphones, LCD TV and automotive displays in the second half of 2018, and is expected to implement the first application of Micro LED in AR / VR devices and smart watches in 2019.——Micro/Mini LED

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