Sanxiong Aurora Powerful Professional Rail Transit Lighting

- Apr 10, 2019-

Metro is a public building with a very large flow of people in urban rail transit. All facilities and measures of metro are based on the principle of ensuring long-term stable and safe operation. Metro lighting system is no exception.

Sanxiong Aurora has participated in Guangzhou Metro Lighting System Upgrading Project with high-quality technology, design, service and high-performance products. In the process of implementation, Sanxiong Aurora ensures the lighting needed by rail transit and provides convenience for passengers and operators to the maximum extent. At the same time, Sanxiong Aurora achieves the integration of building lighting, scientific lighting design and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Take Guangzhou South Railway Station as an example, this is the first stop for many foreign friends to arrive in Guangzhou. The station uses warm tones of "golden yellow" to let foreign friends feel the enthusiasm of Guangzhou. Golden yellow with crisscross white lamp holder, looks full of technology!

In addition, Sanxiong Aurora has contracted some lighting designs for Guangzhou East Railway Station, Kengkou Railway Station, Tianhe Passenger Station, Guangzhou Railway Station and Jiaokou Railway Station.

Sanxiong Aurora has also made great achievements in urban rail lighting. In 2018, it successfully created many excellent cases such as Urumqi Metro Line 1 and Guangzhou Metro. At present, there are more than ten projects under construction, such as Ningbo Metro Line 3, Hangzhou Metro Line 4, Kunming Metro Line 4, Chengdu Metro Line 10 and Guangfo Ring Line. In order to better serve the field of rail transit, Sanxiong Aurora devoted to R&D and promotion last year, tailoring a series of high-quality lighting products for the field of rail transit.

For example, [Touyue Series]

The lamp body is made of 0.8mm cold-rolled steel plate or 4mm aluminum alloy with very high mechanical strength.

DALI can be customized according to customer requirements, 0-100% brightness adjustment products

LED lamp beads adopt imported chips with light efficiency greater than 150 lm/W, low light decay, high color rendering index and color tolerance less than 5 bottom, which make full use of light.

Optical grade PC material/toughened glass is used to emit uniform light and non-sticky dust at the same time.

(Touyue series LED tube lamp)

(Sanxiong Aurora-Urumqi Line 1 Project)

In addition, aiming at the ups and downs of smallpox models in some station halls, or other space with a wide range of height changes (such as the Sanxiong Aurora-Urumqi Line 1 project in the picture above), Sanxiong Aurora will customize the modelling lamps according to the actual situation, so as to meet the needs of space from modelling to installation to technical performance.

[Modeling lamp]

The lamp body is made of aviation aluminium to ensure good heat dissipation; electrostatic fluorocarbon powder spraying rust-proof and anticorrosive treatment

The transmitter is made of PC material with high transmittance and oxygen index (> 28), which meets the requirements of CCCF. The light is even and soft.

Imported LED beads to meet the needs of high light efficiency and green energy saving

High efficiency driving power supply with three-male aurora, high conversion efficiency

The light source board adopts large area copper clad heat dissipation treatment to ensure the service life requirement.

IP41 protection level can meet a variety of places of use