Saphlux Successfully Lit The Semi Polar Green LED Chip, And 2D Display Technology Will Usher In A Major Change.

- Jul 14, 2018-

In July 9th, the ninth edition of Shaanxi daily, on the theme of "our province's entrepreneurial team lit up the semi polar green light LED chip", reported that the Saphlux subsidiary, Xi'an saifeis Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., has successfully lighted the semi polar green LED chip on the basis of the large size, non layered and semi polar gallium nitride material. One of the latest scientific research results.

The figure is Saphlux successfully lighting a semi polar green light LED chip

In the interview, Saphlux co founder and CEO Chen Chen briefed reporters about the company's team and the relevant research results. He said that the Saphlux core team, from Yale University, has accumulated nearly 10 years of technology in the field of semiconductor luminescence materials. In March this year, the company realized the production of 4 inch and semi polar gallium nitride materials. With the advent of the 5G era, he said, traditional display technology has not met the demand for increasing display resolution. The change in consumer demand has led to the accelerated iteration of products, and the urgent demand from the market has forced the update and refinement of display technology. Compared with the widely used traditional display technology, Micro-LED technology has more advantages in brightness and contrast, and its resolution can reach 15K-20K. There is no doubt that the application of this display technology in the field of electronic product display, such as mobile phones, watches, helmets and televisions, will lead to an important revolution in the field of 2D display in the next 5-10 years.

The results show that the semi polar green LED chip on the basis of the measurement of semi polar gallium nitride material on the basis of Saphlux has the characteristics of high display efficiency and good color stability, and the semi polar green LED chip is the core component of Micro-LED technology needed by many international enterprises such as apple, Facebook and so on. Huge market demand will lay a solid foundation for the future development of Saphlux.

After this research achievement has been obtained, Professor Guo Haozhong of National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan said that the success of the research and development of the semi polar green LED chip provides the only way to solve the Micro-LED color problem.

In May of this year, Saphlux worked with a famous Taiwan manufacturer. Follow up, the semi polar green LED chip developed by the company will be used for cooperative development of Micro-LED display technology. According to Chen Chen, apart from working hard to crack down on the technology change in the 2D display area, Saphlux is also actively increasing the layout of the 3D display area in the future.