Semiconductor Wins The German LED Patent

- Dec 22, 2018-

Seoul Semiconductor said Wednesday that it won a patent lawsuit against Everlight LED products in Dusseldorf, Germany. The German court issued a permanent ban on the sale of Everlight products and ordered it to recall related products sold after July 13, 2012. The patent involved in this lawsuit is registered in 12 countries such as the United States, Europe and Asia. It is a technology that can effectively extract the light emitted from the internal structure of the LED chip by processing the surface of the chip, thus significantly improving the light intensity and brightness. It is a source technology of LED chip manufacturing in Seoul Wai Ao Shi (a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor), which is widely used in automotive headlamps, high brightness lighting, UV, plant cultivation, mobile flash and other fields. In March 2017, Seoul Semiconductor filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Dusseldorf Court, Germany, against Trazel Electronics, which is selling billions of light LEDs. After one year and eight months, the Court issued a ban on the sale of billions of light products and ordered the recall of all related products sold from the dealer's commercial customers on July 13, 2012. Liu Chengmin, vice president of Semiconductor IT in Seoul, said: "We strive to safeguard a fair environment for competition and respect for patents in order to convey hope to young people and small and medium-sized enterprises who want to challenge their dreams through their own creativity." Through the ruling, Seoul Semiconductor is expected to exercise patent rights and expand sales in the global LED market of about 5 trillion won (1.5 trillion won for automotive headlights, 0.5 trillion won for mobile flash, 3 trillion won for UV and lighting).