Seoul Semiconductor 2Q18 Is Coming Out, And Auto Lighting Business Is Growing Strongly

- Jul 31, 2018-

On July 27, Seoul Semiconductor, the leader in the design and manufacturing of the LED market, disclosed second-quarter results for 2008. 2Q18, the company realized the combined income of 290 billion won (RMB 1 billion 721 million yuan), which was in line with the expected target (2800-3000 billion won), and achieved the operating income of 18 billion won (RMB 107 million yuan, tax interest depreciation and amortized profit (EBITDA) 45 billion won (about 267 million yuan).——LED Automobile lighting

In the second quarter, sales of the television sector increased substantially over the same period, and the third quarter is expected to continue to grow; sales of mobile services are expected to grow substantially in the third and fourth quarters, prompting their IT sector sales to continue to maintain high growth rates since 2017.——LED Automobile lighting

Sales of automotive lighting in all regions also showed strong growth. The company's non - packaged Wicop products for automotive headlights have been further promoted, and foreign carmakers plan to use their technology in the bulk of the cars produced next year and in 2021.——LED Automobile lighting

The operating profit margin of the second quarter was 6%. The company expects further stabilization of its new Vietnam plant, which will boost third-quarter utilization to meet peak season demand and increase profitability.——LED Automobile lighting

Seoul semiconductor is expected to achieve sales of 3000-3200 billion won in the third quarter.

Sangbum Kim, the chief financial officer, said that although the season is weak, the company's sales are still 9% annual growth this quarter, and it is expected to continue this growth in the rest of the year. Wicop and Arich increased utilization, and once fully established, Vietnamese factories helped to increase utilization, again challenging record sales last year.——LED Automobile lighting

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