Seoul Semiconductor And Yaguang Have Reached A Cease - Sale Settlement In Japan

- Feb 22, 2019-

Seoul semiconductor co., LTD. (seec) has reached a settlement with maozawa electronics co., LTD. (mz) in Japan to stop the sale of its LED products, Seoul semiconductor said Monday.

In 2018, Seoul semiconductor filed a patent infringement lawsuit against yinguang LED products that maozawa was selling at that time in the Tokyo district court, applying to stop the sales of related products.

The distributor applied for a settlement before the verdict and voluntarily stopped selling, so Seoul semiconductor withdrew its complaint.

At the heart of the lawsuit are patents on light output.

This is a core patented technology that adds light reflection structure to the LED chip, so that light can be output efficiently and LED performance can be improved.

In the production process of LED, the ability of outgoing light determines the performance of the product, and the degree of efficient output light determines the excellence of the product.

Seoul semiconductor holds hundreds of Epi, Chip, PKG, Module and other related patents derived from this patent worldwide, including Japan.

At present, these patents are widely used in lighting, cars, mobile phones and other products that consume less than 1W (w) of power.

Seoul semiconductor had also secured a ban on the sale of yaguang's products in Germany.

In December 2018, Seoul semiconductor won a patent infringement lawsuit against Taiwan yiguang LED products in Dusseldorf, Germany. The German court announced the ban on the sale of yiguang products and requested the recall of all related products sold after July 13, 2012.

"In order to create a culture of fair competition in which patents are respected, we will take active legal measures to stop manufacturers and distributors from selling infringing products," said nam kee fan, vice President of the semiconductor lighting division in Seoul.

At the same time, we will continue to focus on technical research and development, so that our customers can always trust the use of our products.