Shanghai City Nightscape Do Not Do Media Wall To Follow Suit, Lack Of Maintenance? Listen To What They Say?

- Sep 03, 2018-

On the evening of July 6, Aladdin National Urban Lighting Survey (Shanghai Station) was launched by Xie Junyan, Senior Engineer of Aladdin Magic Lamp Award/Street Lamp Management Center of Shanghai Electric Power Company, Director of Shanghai Xiaoxing Lighting Design Studio, Wang Youjiang, Chief Designer of Shanghai Homonym Lighting Design Engineering Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Municipal Appearance Chen Wei-wei, the director of the Landscape Affairs Center, senior engineer and Aladdin's all-media delegation, set out from the Bund, climbed the first tall building in Puxi, watched the night scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River at the Shanghai Lighting Control Center, and inspected the lighting construction along the road from Pudong Central to Pudong Airport and then to Lujiazui. . This research has been supported by Sichuan Jiuzhou photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc.——Urban lighting

At the symposium after the investigation, the experts of the delegation discussed the concept of planning and design, input and output of lighting, management and maintenance of night view construction in Shanghai from the past, present and future, and put forward many valuable suggestions.——Urban lighting

Xie Junyan, senior engineer of Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company street lamp management center

I entered the lighting industry in 1997, mainly engaged in road lighting, but in fact I also pay attention to landscape lighting. One of the things that impressed me most was that in 1999 I took Matsushita, the 80-year-old president of Japan, to the tallest building in Puxi to show him the flavor of Shanghai. At that time, the atmosphere of night lighting in Shanghai was still strong. Many friends thought it was too beautiful to see it. But Matsushita, the president of Japan, after seeing it, suggested that we should use energy for lighting. Lack of consideration is wasteful. Although it makes me feel very boring, this is also a positive proposal for our urban lighting.——Urban lighting

From another point of view, I think the whole city of Shanghai has a unique advantage of lighting, the Bund has a lot of historic buildings, profound cultural heritage; the opposite Lujiazui is very modern, scattered super-high-rise buildings, and the overall planning is very good. It should be said that Shanghai is a very characteristic city, which reflects the image of metropolitan lighting as a whole.——Urban lighting

I particularly like the city lighting in Hong Kong, not fancy, pay attention to the quality of construction and design concepts, give me the impression that although a little sense of the times, but very good maintenance. Of course, good design and construction, of course, is important, but the maintenance is also very critical, otherwise can not reflect this concept. Therefore, I think that the design or construction is good for the long term maintenance. In this respect, including Shanghai and other parts of the country are relatively inadequate, many cities have not been built long after a lot of problems, this lighting industry needs to be paid enough attention to.——Urban lighting

In addition, I think the Shanghai Bridge's lamps and lanterns are not well concealed, the lamps and lanterns are bare outside, pure attention to the night landscape lighting, the impact of the daytime landscape is very large. Certainly, some lamps and lanterns coincide with the building, some daytime is also a decoration, which I agree with, but the concealment of lamps, that is, can not destroy the daytime landscape, this awareness we need to strengthen.——Urban lighting

In China, the development of urban lighting in Shanghai is relatively stable. I hope that Shanghai will continue to make progress, at least in the country to play a leading role, lighting should be high standards, strict requirements, but also to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, to reflect the characteristics of Shanghai. Especially the first China International Import Exposition will be held in Shanghai in November this year, which also provides an opportunity for Shanghai urban construction and lighting upgrading.——Urban lighting

Chen Weiwei, chief and senior engineer of Shanghai city landscape and landscape affairs center

Relatively speaking, the landscape lighting in the section of Pudong International Airport is good, but there are some nodes that I think should be further improved. Before the China International Import Exposition, we will also upgrade the landscape lighting along the Huangpu River, Hongqiao Hub, Business District and other core areas, as well as further planning with some nodes.——Urban lighting

At present, after the publication of the "Shanghai Landscape Lighting Master Plan", it is also required that the implementation plan of each district be completed by the end of 2008, and now each district is in the process of compiling. For example, Chongming will hold the 10th National Flower Exposition in 2021. The Chongming District Government also attaches great importance to the work in this area, investing 20 billion yuan to build the Expo, which involves 500 million yuan of landscape lighting. At present, various districts are reporting plans in this regard, it is estimated that there will be billions of lighting landscape construction volume in 2018, by 2021 will certainly increase.——Urban lighting

Next work will be a lot, hope lighting industry experts often hold such brainstorming sessions to explore how to make a more distinctive Shanghai night scene lighting, so that people can really see the beauty of lighting.——Urban lighting

Wang Youjiang, chief designer of Shanghai homophone Lighting Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

There is no problem that Shanghai has reached the top level in the world because it has a good environment. Look at the four municipalities directly under the Central Government of China, Beijing, Tian'anmen Square, but Tian'anmen Square's tallest building is no more than five or six floors, and Tian'anmen Square is too large, space is too large, so its composition as a night scene is difficult.——Urban lighting

Let's look at Tianjin again. There is a Haihe River in Tianjin, but it is surrounded by modern buildings. Although the Haihe River is beautiful at night, it can rival the Seine River. But from the historical and cultural point of view, as an important building left over from the Tianjin Concession era, it is not near the Haihe River in Jiefang North Road.——Urban lighting

When we look at Chongqing again, it is built according to the mountains. The roads are uneven and the buildings are scattered, so it is called the mountain city. It's the richest urban interface, but if you look closely at it, it's very difficult to plan for a night view. Where is it? The buildings on the hills are all residential. How do you lay them down? How do you make this magnificent?——Urban lighting

Therefore, from the perspective of these four cities, Shanghai's resources are unique. Shanghai is a port city, the port was originally undeveloped, the Huangpu River coastal area is the Shanghai public concession, the formation of the present eclecticism of the building complex. The eclectic building space is very large, the building is also very high, and can form a very steady and perfect interface.——Urban lighting

Of course, Shanghai also has shortcomings, too many tall buildings crowded together, the Huangpu River will become Huangpugou, which from the planning point of view is a problem, we should be vigilant.

Shanghai has the character of Shanghai and will not follow the crowd. But there are also some bad points. Look at Lujiazui, it's OK on the whole, but there are a few buildings that don't fit in with the whole, and they don't look comfortable. Shanghai has nearly 100 years of history and culture, we have to dig out, because this is the characteristics of Shanghai, without Shanghai there is no characteristic.——Urban lighting

We think the Bund is doing well, but is there any room for improvement? Yes, there is. The first is the color imbalance, such as the yellow and white collocation, from Pudong, to the central axis of the customs as the center, to the south are basically yellow, to the north have white yellow, to the south are all yellow, we should adjust the overall color; the second is the characteristics of European architecture to express clearly, such as this building is Baroque. And French classicalism, we need to clarify the annotations, which we need to improve.——Urban lighting

This time, Shanghai proposed to Lujiazui as the big stage, but not as a media wall, which is different from other cities in Shanghai, our city's goal is to be an innovative city, cultural city, ecological city. We put forward the viewpoint of "harmony of nature and man, four in one". Planning, architecture, landscape and lighting are combined together. The ultimate goal is to create a modern version of the Qingming River Map.——Urban lighting

At present, the Shanghai Landscape Center is doing a scientific research project on "how should the performance be successful and maintained?" Through data analysis of the city through the lighting economic benefits brought about by what; In addition, in the management and maintenance, to ensure that the project is completed after the lights are not bright, the government is now gradually no longer in charge. A consensus was reached.——Urban lighting

First awakening design director of Shanghai Xiao Xing Lighting Design Studio

As for the night scene of a city, I personally understand that it can be used as a fixed asset of a city to bring enjoyment to the people psychologically or spiritually. In Shanghai, I think the night view of the Bund Puxi European architecture is the most representative of Shanghai, and it is something that Shanghai people should be proud of. Without these beautiful buildings and the lights turned off, people in Shanghai may never accept it.——Urban lighting

As far as the status of the whole country is concerned, Shanghai is indeed playing a leading role. We must be doing the landscape lighting of the unique style of Shanghai culture with good taste and without following the wind. We will also lead this trend in the future.——Urban lighting

As a designer, I think after so many years of experience, should have their own reflection or reflection, what should be done, what should not be done. Although it is not easy to persist in your own things, sometimes it is also necessary to cater to the owners, but in general, so many years have come to persist in their own, has been a lot of recognition. Although I am over 50 years old now, I still want to continue this road, to Shanghai or other places to contribute to the night scene!——Urban lighting

Liu Banglei, special assistant to general manager of Sichuan Jiuzhou photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc

Thousands of floors of city lights are not seen in Shanghai. Apart from a few places where the architectural landscape lighting is not coordinated, most of the night scenery gives the impression of elegant and full of urban culture, adding to the international metropolis pleasant feeling. As landscape lighting product manufacturers and overall solution providers, designers must have a deep understanding of the intent, because they are to reflect the characteristics of the building through lighting means. We hope to be able to meet the designer's vision and color requirements in the product, the city to reflect its background, unique, tasteful landscape works.——Urban lighting

From September 3 to September 5, the 2018 Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Fair will usher in a magnificent turn, focusing on the urban lighting project. The Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Fair will be on stage, dedicated to becoming a platform for the release of relevant new technologies, new materials and new products, and will show the world the dynamic and promising construction of urban landscape lighting in China.——Urban lighting

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