Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition Is Completely Renovation, Focusing On The Development Of Urban Landscape Lighting.

- Aug 09, 2018-

The Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition (SILF), which has been held for 5 years, has a splendid turn, and the 2018 Shanghai international landscape lighting exhibition will make a wonderful appearance at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai from 3 to 5 September. In 2018, the exhibition focused on the theme of "landscape lighting" to show the latest achievements of international urban landscape lighting. This SILF will serve the development of landscape lighting industry, and strive to become the first platform for related new technologies, new materials and new products, displaying global creative design cases. The first "Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Forum" was opened at the same time. Experts and scholars from the global city management, scientific research and design will come to share the experience of urban landscape lighting.——Urban lighting

For the overall innovation of the SILF exhibition, Mr. Hu Zhongshun, general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. shares the reason. "After 20 years of deep ploughing in the lighting industry, we deeply feel the possibility of lighting and light and shadow for the city. It bears both the historical and cultural changes and social contraction of the city." Shadow also defines the charm and individuality of a city. In recent years, China's urban landscape lighting projects have gradually entered the international field of vision, leading us to think more about this issue, and to promote the linkage and integration of new lighting technologies and new applications. This year's SILF exhibition is the first to focus on the construction of the city night scene. This exhibition is an important attempt to promote the development of landscape lighting under the support of the government departments and the relevant professional institutions of the lighting industry. We are willing to cooperate with the competent departments of urban lighting in various aspects to make joint efforts for the healthy development of urban night lighting. "——Urban lighting

Converging the world's top resources to define the future of urban lighting

China's urban landscape lighting has sounded a new round of innovation and innovation. This exhibition will build a one-stop platform to explore the healthy development of landscape lighting with Chinese characteristics around the overall landscape lighting industry chain. The contents of the exhibition will include urban lighting nightscape, planning, design, integrated services and many other areas.——Urban lighting

In order to gather the advanced industry wisdom at home and abroad, the exhibition will invite the planners of many urban landscape lighting all over the world to come to Shanghai to share the experience of building a city with landscape lighting. At the same time, the exhibitors will come from a number of well-known design institutions, technical research and development centers, related institutions of higher learning and product suppliers, so that Shanghai will further become the forefront of focusing on the planning of the city night scene, the exchange of high-end creative design, and the birth of new products.——Urban lighting

2018 Shanghai international landscape lighting exhibition also prepared a 24 '24 Talk thought feast. At that time, 24 owners, engineering companies and design companies will be invited to carry out an open 24 minute speech on the core issues and key words of the future urban landscape lighting industry, and describe their thinking and views on urban landscape lighting, presenting their forward thinking and essence, and using the power of thought to promote it. The development of landscape lighting and urban construction in China.——Urban lighting

"Shanghai International Forum on landscape lighting" at the same time

In the same period as SILF, the Shanghai Greening and Appearance Administration and the International Lighting City Association (LUCI) will jointly organize the Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Forum. The first international landscape lighting event in Shanghai will be discussed around the theme of "the significance of landscape lighting to the city" and "the future development trend of landscape lighting", in order to promote the development of urban landscape lighting and to lead the future direction of urban landscape lighting.——Urban lighting

Looking forward to this forum, Mr. Hu expects that lighting plays an important role in portraying the cultural image of a city. China is in an important moment of the quality of life. Under the background of this era, the first "Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Forum" is held to predict the future of sustainable development. I wish this event a great success, so that all participants will be able to think first of tomorrow's urban landscape. "——Urban lighting

The mother exhibition of Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition is "Light + Building - Frankfurt international lighting and building technology and equipment exhibition", which is held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany, and will be held from 8 to 13 March 2020.

In addition to the above exhibition, Frankfurt exhibition in China's architectural technology and lighting exhibition series also includes Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Guangzhou international architecture electrical technology and smart home exhibition, Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition and Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition. The company's building technology and lighting exhibition series also covers markets such as Argentina, UAE, Russia, Thailand and India.——Urban lighting

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Brief introduction of Frankfurt Exhibition Group

The Frankfurt exhibition group is the world's largest exhibition organizer with independent exhibition sites. Its business covers exhibitions, conferences and activities, and employs more than 2400 employees in 30 regions of the world, with an annual turnover of about 669 million euros. The Group keeps close contact with many related industries and cooperates with the huge international marketing network to meet the customers'all-round needs efficiently. Diversified services are presented in all aspects of the activity site and network pipeline to ensure that customers throughout the world can enjoy high quality and flexibility in planning, organizing and conducting activities; the types of services available include rental exhibition sites, exhibition building, market promotion, manpower arrangements, and catering supply. The group is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, holding 60% and 40% respectively from the city and Hesse state.——Urban lighting

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